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Do Comments On Web Pages Ruin Science Slashdot

Slashdot or Reddit style of moderation normally can help filter out junk comments or hate speech On Reddit I find myself reading the best comments in Science articles before even deciding if I want to read the article at all

Is Sylas a toplaner summonerschool reddit

I keep seeing people playing Sylas in the midlane understandably He's AP after all However I feel like more often than not I've seen him get shat on by the majority of mages because his waveclear is meh his burst is poor early he has high mana costs and cooldowns early and he gets poked out because he doesn't have the safe waveclear that most midlane melees have (like Ekko or Galio)

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reddit heaven Seeres com

Best of GoodNewsJimDotCom on Reddit com Google Books Result Social news website Reddit received 47 million visitors last month In our latest video

Why Does a Voting Machine Need Calibration Slashdot

New submitter Shotgun writes "I heard on the radio that there were some issues with voting machines in Greensboro NC (my hometown) and the story said the machines just needed "recalibration" Which made me ask "WTF Why does a machine for choosing between one of a few choices need 'calibration'

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Can I be bisexual and Christian polar ocean 4195 herokuapp com

What's your opinion please don't hate on me I'm going through a lot and trying to work through it but it's not easy

IamA Professional Dungeon Master AMA! BestofAMA

I don't mind the release of new editions The great thing about tabletop gaming is that the books and systems never become obsolete Unlike a video game such as World of Warcraft where you have to operate on the newest patch and with the newest expansion tabletop games will always work regardless of what new edition is out

Crystal Space 3D SDK / List crystal main Archives

I finished a game in just three weeks in Unity It is a game like xwing vs tiefighter meets a moba If you want to beta we have one this saturday at 6pm est 6/10/2017 On Tuesday June 6 2017 Lance Zimmerman (Purple) < lance [email protected] > wrote > Well sure there are to many MMOs out there anyway

Walking 5 000 miles across America from Delaware to BestofAMA

Walking 5 000 miles across America from Delaware to California Currently 1 350 miles in AMA! I'm walking across America following the American Discovery Trail as much as possible from Delaware to California

The Winners are In! The Best of /r/Christianity 2015 reddit

Cross post your 'best of' results threads to /r/bestof2015 Now you can call me out on cross posting and I'll forfeit the gold Or you can let me make the exception this one time and let our winners reap the gold/karma

I think a lot of people don't give God a chance reddit

God wants what is best for us all If he didn't do what he did in the Old Testament maybe Jesus could not have died on the cross for us But since he did we can live forever with the best possible outcome We will live forever with any fantasy possible to become reality and God being our best friend

New White House Petition For Net Neutrality Slashdot

Bob9113 (14996) writes "On the heels of yesterday's FCC bombshell there is a new petition on the White House petition site titled 'Maintain true net neutrality to protect the freedom of information in the United States ' The body reads 'True net neutrality means the free exchange of information b

Rule Reddit Download eBook PDF/EPUB

rule reddit Download rule reddit or read online here in PDF or EPUB Please click button to get rule reddit book now All books are in clear copy here and all files are secure so don't worry about it This site is like a library you could find million book here by using search box in the widget Rule Reddit

Social Media Overtakes Television As Young People's Main

An anonymous reader quotes a report from BBC Of the 18 to 24 year olds surveyed 28% cited social media as their main news source compared with 24% for TV The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism research also suggests 51% of people with online access use social media as a news source

The US Government Funds A War On Online Fake News

An anonymous reader quotes the Washington Post Congressional negotiators on Wednesday approved an initiative to track and combat foreign propaganda amid growing concerns that Russian efforts to spread "fake news" and disinformation threaten U S national security The measure part of the Nationa

Reddit Bans Subreddit Dedicated To Finding Navy Yard Shooters

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Reddit became a gathering place for amateur sleuthing in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing earlier this year fueling what some reports called 'online witch hunts' that resulted in some people being falsely identified as the bomber

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YouTube Identifies Birdsong As Copyrighted Music Slashdot

If the latter case is true then the company representatives posting here may just be decent people trying to make the best of a bad situation Either way I'd say give them the benefit of the doubt If the bogus infringement notices continue after this we can break out the pitchforks and torches otherwise it can be counted as a lesson learned

Battlemon Apps on Google Play

Aug 15 2019 · ALERT Google Play is asking for unavailable technology to update my Adobe Air apps If you want to get the latest version of Battlemon do not download here on Google Play

There's two types of ferrets the inquisitive ones and the

He is a character He even manages to get on my kitchen counters via bar stool He's determined to do naughty things We also cannot wear slippers in our house as all slippers are apparently owed by him and will remind you of this fact by trying to bite then off your feet and once they are off he will promptly stash them in the closet (which has a heavy door and mirror yet still gets in by

The Art of Elections Forecasting Slashdot

ideonexus writes "Years ago Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight com a blog seeking to educate the public about elections forecasting established his model as one of the most accurate in existence rising from a fairly unknown statistician working in baseball to one of the most respected names in electi

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Scientists Discover How To Get Kids To Eat Their Vegetables

HughPickens com writes Roberto Ferdman writes in the Washington Post that researchers at Texas A&M University looking for patterns in food consumption among elementary school children found an interesting quirk about when and why kids choose to eat their vegetables

Interviews Ask "The King of Kong" Billy Mitchell About

samzenpus (5) writes Billy Mitchell owns the Rickey's World Famous Restaurant chain sells his own line of hot sauces and was called "probably the greatest arcade video game player of all time" He was the first to achieve a perfect score in Pac Man and held many record scores in other arcade gam

Making Liquid Fuels From Sun and Air Slashdot

Making Liquid Fuels From Sun and Air 163 Posted by samzenpus on Friday September 18 2015 @12 32AM from the here comes the sun dept GregLaden writes There is promising research on converting atmospheric CO2 and water using sunlight as a source of energy into burnable liquid fuels

Proverbs 9 8 Never correct conceited people; they reddit

Proverbs 21 29 Righteous people are sure of themselves; the wicked have to pretend as best they can when you are talking about people wanting to affirm their own beliefs Some people really really gotta convince themselves the God of love and goodness doesn't exist because otherwise they start thinking "What if God does see everything I do

Download PDF You Can Win Slaying The Goliaths In Your Life

Download You Can Win Slaying The Goliaths In Your Life ebook PDF or Read Online books in PDF Best Of Goodnewsjimdotcom On Reddit Com Author James Sager III

I'm Michael Ferrier indie game developer and creator of

I'm Michael Ferrier indie game developer and creator of the early strategy MMO "War of Conquest" that will soon be relaunched AMA! Hello Reddit! I'm Michael Ferrier indie game developer behind 2002's "War of Conquest" an early real time strategy MMO where thousands of nations battled for supremacy on a single huge map