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Dispositional Optimism

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Greater optimism predicts better health All these effects appear to reflect greater engagement in pursuit of desired goals Optimism is a cognitive construct (expectancies regarding future outcomes) that also relates to motivation optimistic people exert effort whereas pessimistic people disengage from effort

Dispositional optimism ScienceDirect

Introduction to dispositional optimism The personality dimension optimism versus pessimism has roots both in folk wisdom and in over a century of expectancy incentive motive theories

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Introduction to Dispositional Optimism The personality dimension optimism versus pessimism has roots both in folk wisdom and in over a century of expectancy incentive motive theories

Dispositional Optimism and Coping A Meta Analytic Review

Dispositional optimism was found to be positively associated with approach coping strategies aiming to eliminate reduce or manage stressors or emotions (r = 17) and negatively associated with avoidance coping strategies seeking to ignore avoid or withdraw from stressors or emotions (r = 21) Effect sizes were larger for the distinction between approach and avoidance coping strategies than for that between problem and emotion focused coping

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Dispositional Optimism Individuals high in dispositional optimism tend to believe future outcomes will be positive whereas individuals low in dispositional optimism (i e pessimists) tend to believe future outcomes will be negative It has been shown in numerous studies that high dispositional optimism is associated with an adaptive

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Dispositional optimism refers to a disposition that represents the extent to which people have positive confident expectations about their own future outcomes Dispositional optim ism is the extent to which a person typically adopts an optimistic or pessimistic approach to dealing with life"s challenges

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This is usually referred to in psychology as dispositional optimism It thus reflects a belief that future conditions will work out for the best 2 For this reason it is seen as a trait that fosters resilience in the face of stress

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1 Definition and History The concepts of optimism and pessimism concern people's expectations for the future These concepts have ties to centuries of folk wisdom and also to a class of psychological theories of motivation called expectancy value theories

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Dispositional optimism and primary and secondary appraisal of a stressor Controlling for confounding influences and relations to coping and psychological and physical adjustment Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 74 1109 1120

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T1 Dispositional optimism AU Carver Charles S AU Scheier Michael F PY 2014/6 Y1 2014/6 N2 Optimism is a cognitive construct (expectancies regarding future outcomes) that also relates to motivation optimistic people exert effort whereas pessimistic people disengage from effort

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Dispositional optimism is defined as a global expectation that more good (desirable) things than bad (undesirable) will happen in the future (Scheier and Carver 1985) As a personality trait it is presumed to be stable with little scope for change and is alternatively described as big optimism (Peterson 2000)

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Dispositional optimism refers to generalized outcome expectancies that good things rather than bad things will happen; pessimism refers to the tendency to expect negative outcomes in the future Situational optimism refers to the expectations an individual generates for a particular situation concerning whether good rather than bad things will happen

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Dispositional optimism depends on positive expectations for one's future in diverse areas and many researchers use the 12 item Life Orientation Test to measure it Explanatory style is based on how a person explains good or bad news

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Dispositional optimism is positively correlated with all the following except Academic achievement problem focused coping good Morale life satisfaction Internal Many studies have found a positive correlation between a(n) __________locus of control and positive outcomes in work health and relationships

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Dispositional pessimism is the tendency to believe the worst on a consistent basis whereas defensive pessimism is being prepared for bad things Dr Rossman says that by using defensive pessimism people can protect themselves by taking constructive actions (Rossman 2010)

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Dispositional optimism and sleep quality a test of mediating pathways Dispositional optimism has been related to beneficial influences on physical health outcomes However its links to global sleep quality and the psychological mediators responsible for such associations are less studied

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In psychology optimism or dispositional optimism is a set of beliefs and traits that help individuals in reflecting on the positive aspects of life rather than the negative ones It is a personality pattern that displays resilience and personal strength

Dispositional Optimism and All Cause and Cardiovascular

Dispositional optimism may also be associated withbetter coping strategies that are adhered to throughout life Submitted for Publication January 22 2004;final revision received April 19 2004; accepted April 21 2004 Correspondence Erik J Giltay MD PhD Psychiatric Center GGZ Delfland PO Box 5016 2600 GA Delft the Netherlands(giltay

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Mar 15 2019 · dispositional (not comparable) Of pertaining to or arising from disposition (in any sense) dispositional optimism; Derived terms dispositionality; dispositionally;

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Dispositional optimism reflects one's generalized positive expectancies for future outcomes and plays a crucial role in personal developmental outcomes and health (e g counteracting related

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Dispositional optimism was found to be significantly predicted by the rGMD of the left putamen (r final (predicted observed) = 27 p < 001) and the right putamen (r final (predicted observed) = 20 p < 001) after adjusting for age sex and family SES

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Dispositional optimism by definition is a general expectation that more good things than bad will occur Optimistic behavior can give people positive Continue Reading

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Dispositional optimism protects older adults from stroke the health and retirement study

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Optimism is the exact opposite of pessimism (who would have thought) Optimists approach problems from a position of empowerment Some see overcoming adversity as a challenge and one that they will gladly attempt to conquer Unfortunately the will is not always enough to solve problems

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Dispositional optimism is a relatively stable general tendency of individuals to expect positive events or conditions in life (Carver et al 2010) Individual differences in optimism represent differing ways in which people respond to and cope with stressful circumstances

Dispositional optimism self‐framing and medical decision

May 21 2014 · The results showed that compared to the high dispositional optimism group participants from the low dispositional optimism group showed a greater tendency to use negative vocabulary to construct their self‐frame and tended to choose the radiation therapy with high treatment survival rate but low 5‐year survival rate

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Start studying Personality Final Ch18 Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools Dispositional optimism is defined as

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Dispositional optimism is my choice of behavior for this assignment because it mirrors my personal perspective motivating me to investigate further on why I engage in this action frequently and the possible outcomes of this behavior Dispositional optimism by definition is a general expectation that more good things than bad will occur

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Association of dispositional optimism with Life's Simple 7's Cardiovascular Health Index Results from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL) Sociocultural Ancillary Study (SCAS)

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Definition Dispositional optimism is a stable personality trait characterized by general positive expectations that influence motivated action When confronted with obstacles in achieving a desired future state those who are optimistic anticipate positive outcomes from their actions