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Francis Folger Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Lost Son To Smallpox Regrets Not

Francis Folger Franklin who died due to complications from Smallpox Nearly a half century later Franklin would write "In 1736 I lost one of my sons a fine boy of four years old by the small pox taken in the common way

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For example Benjamin Franklin once an optimistic deist rejected a Christian friend's advice to inoculate his four year old son Franky (Francis Folger Franklin) as a preemptive defense to a smallpox epidemic Franky subsequently died in 1736

Benjamin Franklin (1706 1790) Genealogy

The first Francis Folger Franklin born October 1732 died of smallpox in 1736 Their second child Sarah Franklin familiarly called Sally was born in 1743 She eventually married Richard Bache had seven children and cared for her father in his old age

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He had never been much interested in children but after the birth of Francis Folger Franklin on October 20 1732 he wrote that they were "the most delightful Cares in the World " The boy whom

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Discover the family tree of Francis Folger Franklin for free and learn about their family history and their ancestry

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Francis Folger Franklin was the eldest son of Founding Father of the United States Benjamin Franklin and Deborah Read In 1736 four year old Francis died shortly thereafter Benjamin Franklin inoculated earlier in his own life had intended for his son to be inoculated as well

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Francis Folger Franklin (October 20 1732 November 21 1736) was the eldest son of Founding Father of the United States Benjamin Franklin and Deborah Read In 1736 four year old Francis contracted the smallpox virus and died shortly thereafter

Francis Folger Franklin (1732 1736) Genealogy

Dec 26 2018 · Parents Benjamin Franklin (1706 1790) Deborah Read Franklin (1708 1774) Siblings William Franklin (1731 1813)* Francis Folger Franklin (1732 1736) Sarah Franklin Bache (1743 1808)* Calculated relationship; Inscription son of Benjamin and Deborah Franklin aged 4y 1 mo 4d

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Deborah Read Franklin (1708 1774) Find A Grave Memorial

Wife of Statesman Benjamin Franklin Mother of Sarah(Sally)Bache Francis Folger(died at age 4 smallpox) Ben and Debbie where married on Sept 1 1730 While Ben was abroad Deborah kept the business going collected on loans and other issues Ben was on government business in London when Deborah died of a stroke Cause of death Stroke

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Library of Congress Search Son Francis Folger Franklin born (d 1736) 1736 1751 Clerk Pennsylvania Assembly 1737 Appointed postmaster of Philadelphia 1740

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Mar 01 2011 · Haunting these activities was a very personal ghost that of Francis Folger Franklin the younger of his two sons Franky as his parents called him was born in 1732 — a golden child his smiles

Francis Folger "Franky" Franklin (1732 1736) Find A Grave

Find a Grave database and images (https // accessed ) memorial page for Francis Folger "Franky" Franklin (20 Oct 1732 21 Nov 1736) Find a Grave Memorial no 9259975 citing Christ Church Burial Ground Philadelphia Philadelphia County Pennsylvania USA ; Maintained by V R Pierson (contributor 48082389)

Benjamin Franklin's Contributions to Health and Medicine

Franklin wrote articles promoting inoculation and its safety as early as 1731 His support of inoculation grew after the heartbreaking loss of his 6 year old son Francis Folger Franklin to smallpox in 1736

On the Death of His Son 30 December 1736

Francis Folger Franklin born Oct 20 1732 died of smallpox Nov 21 1736 BF regretted to the end of his life he wrote in his autobiography that he had not had the boy inoculated To Jane Mecom he wrote Jan 13 1772 that accounts of his grandson Benjamin Franklin Bache brought "often fresh to my Mind the Idea of my Son Franky whom I have seldom since seen equal'd in every thing and whom to this Day I cannot think of without a Sigh "

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Francis Folger Franklin Benjamin Franklin and Vaccines By Vincent Iannelli MD / September 12 2016 August 24 2019 / Benjamin Franklin Francis Folger Franklin History of Vaccines inoculation Roald Dahl smallpox

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Francis Folger Franklin (October 20 1732 November 21 1736) was the eldest son of Founding Father of the United States Benjamin Franklin and Deborah Read In 1736 four year old Francis contracted the smallpox virus and died shortly thereafter

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Biography of Benjamin Franklin Printer Inventor Statesman

Aug 28 2019 · Children William (unknown mother born about 1730 1731) Francis Folger (1732 1734) Sarah Franklin Bache (1743 1808) Early Life Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17 1706 in Boston Massachusetts to Josiah Franklin a soap and candlemaker and his second wife Abiah Folger

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William Franklin FRSE (February 22 1730 November 17 1813) was an American born attorney soldier politician and colonial administrator He was the acknowledged illegitimate son of Benjamin Franklin William Franklin was the last colonial Governor of New Jersey (1763 1776) and a steadfast Loyalist throughout the American Revolutionary

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Oh yes Sally Hemings the slave he used to have an affair with are descendants And there are a bunch of them

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Francis Folger Franklin was born on October 1732 but died of smallpox four years later in 1736 Sarah Franklin was born in 1743 and she eventually gave Franklin 7 grandchildren; it was she who also took care of Franklin in his old age

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Aug 27 2017 · (Franklin and Deborah had briefly been a couple in the 1720s hence his later "attraction" to her ) They in turn had a child of their own—Francis Folger Franklin ("Franky")—who died a month before his fourth birthday of smallpox

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Francis Folger Franklin Ben's son (Posthumous painting Artist and date unknown) Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17 1706 He was the tenth son of

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Benjamin Franklin FRS FRSE (January 17 1706 O S January 6 1705 April 17 1790) was an American polymath and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States Franklin was a leading author printer political theorist politician freemason postmaster scientist inventor humorist civic activist statesman and diplomat As a scientist he was a major figure in the American

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Benjamin Franklin had two sons and one daughter His sons were William Franklin and Francis Folger Franklin and his daughter was Sarah Franklin Bache Francis and Sarah were born in his marriage to Deborah Read while William was born out of wedlock