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These gorillas live on the green volcanic slopes of Rwanda Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo—areas that have seen much human violence from which the gorillas have not escaped unscathed

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Quite amazing documentary besides following the gorilla family ; he would have also photographed the other wildlife in the jungle He might have made this docu a more fascinating one by interviewing the locals how they adore their jungle brethren

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Koko and Patterson's work with her have been the subject of several books and documentaries 1978 Koko A Talking Gorilla a documentary film by Barbet Schroeder; 1978 cover of National Geographic magazine that Koko shot as well as feature article; 1980 Congo a novel by Michael Crichton inspired by Koko's story

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Nov 13 2015 · Ahamo 2015 Winner Excellence in Documentary Film PBS Nature 1999 This program doesn't just talk with an ape it carries on an intimate decades long dialog


In the forested depths of eastern Congo lies Virunga National Park one of the most bio diverse places on Earth and home to the planet's last remaining mountain gorillas In this wild but enchanted environment a small and embattled team of park rangers including an ex child soldier turned ranger a caretaker of orphan gorillas and a

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In 1971 Penny Patterson a graduate student at Stanford University met Koko a new born gorilla in San Francisco Zoo Penny had grown up wanting to communicate with animals and decided to teach

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Apr 01 2015 · Titus Gorilla King documentary english in HD part 3 Duration 15 01 Sandra Kilchen 146 858 views 15 01 Monkey Hunters Baboons VS Lions Documentary Real Wild Duration 47 02

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The unique story of a life long relationship between a scientist and Koko the gorilla

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The gorillas normally inhabit dense and remote rainforests in Africa A Western lowland gorilla has given birth to her first baby at a wildlife reserve in Kent

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Mountain Gorilla (DVD) Named Outstanding Film Documentary by the Genesis Awards (the major award for works about animal issues) and filmed in the lush mountain cloud forests of Rwanda Africa Mountain Gorilla provides an amazing encounter with the highly social species that is the largest of all primates

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The Gorilla Foundation The mission of the Foundation is to bring interspecies communication to the public in order to save gorillas from extinction and inspire our children to create a better future for all the great apes Established in 1976 The Gorilla Foundation/Koko org promotes the protection preservation and propagation of gorillas

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With Patrick Stewart Three part television documentary about the lives of the 700 remaining mountain gorillas in Africa

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Showing December 16 worldwide A new documentary about the Gorillaz titled Reject False Icons will screen worldwide for one night only on Monday December 16 The documentary was directed by

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Jan 29 2017 · Gorilla Documentary Gorillas 98 6% Human Explore Films Duration 22 09 Explore Documentary Films 890 097 views 22 09 EXTREME AFRICA 3of6 The Simien Mountains HD 1080p Duration 46

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Guerrilla filmmaking refers to a form of independent filmmaking characterized by low budgets skeleton crews and simple props using whatever is available Often scenes are shot quickly in real locations without any warning and without obtaining filming permits

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May 29 2018 · Free High Quality Documentaries 202 303 views North America's Wild Horses Duration 50 00 Jan Delaporte 3 431 537 views Gorilla Documentary Gorillas 98 6%

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The Oscar nominated true story of the rangers risking their lives to save Africa's most precious national park and its endangered gorillas This critically acclaimed account of the battle to save endangered gorillas garnered an Oscar nod for Best Documentary

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Dec 26 2015 · The woman who gave her life to save the gorillas Dian Fossey told the world how mountain gorillas live and fought tooth and nail to save them Her obsession may have led to her mysterious death

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Jun 15 2016 · Directed by Jonathan Taylor With Bertie Carvel Leonardo DiCaprio Peter Gabriel Koko Documentary telling the extraordinary story of Koko the only 'talking' gorilla in the world and her lifelong relationship with Penny Patterson

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Apr 19 2008 · Among the mountain gorillas of Rwanda Titus reigns as king In the decades that followed his birth in 1974 Titus was orphaned and abandoned survived poachers and overcame the deadly challenges

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Directed by Orlando von Einsiedel With André Bauma Emmanuel de Merode Mélanie Gouby Rodrigue Mugaruka Katembo A team of brave individuals risk their lives to protect the last mountain gorillas

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Mountain gorillas wander around a home range of up to 15 square miles (39 square kilometers) Mountain gorillas spend much of their time eating Their food includes a variety of plants along with a few insects and worms At night the animals make a nest to sleep in Many lightweight gorillas nest in trees making beds of bent branches

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The mountain gorilla inhabits the Albertine Rift montane cloud forests of the Virunga Volcanoes ranging in altitude from 2 200 4 300 meters (7 200 14 100 ft)

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Meet a remarkable gorilla who paints while in captivity and visit an innovative gorilla orphanage in West Africa Traditionally gorillas have been separated in sanitized cells for public safety and viewing But with few successful gorilla births in captivity zookeepers took a look at the outdated habitations and then took action