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How did Genghis Khan treat people

How did Genghis khan treat his people Answers

Sep 13 2011 · Genghis khan was mongolians king When he was alive they ruled Asia and even half of Europe And people named him Genghis khan his real name was timujin and KHAN means king in Mongolia (I'm from Mongolia) and his dad yisugei was the most famous person in Mongolia because he was like a hero to us

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Genghis Khan treated his own people very well Mutual loyalty was very important to him When he conquered a people the women and children were allowed to become part of his society The men were not so lucky Conquered men and boys who were considered old enough were executed

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Even before the rise of Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire the Mongols favored trade As a pastoral nomadic people their lives focused on their herds For that reason they made very little among themselves and Mongol trade was a cornerstone of their society They hunted and herded but very few Mongols were weapon makers or potters or weavers

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As the founder of the Mongol nation the organizer of the Mongol armies and the genius behind their campaigns Genghis Khan must share the reputation of his people even though his generals were frequently operating on their own far from direct supervision Nevertheless it would be mistaken to see

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Still while women were highly valued participants in Mongol society they still held less rank than their fathers husbands and brothers Work was divided between men and women; the men handled the herds and went to battle and women raised the gers made the clothes milked the animals made cheese and cooked the food Men and women raised

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After the death of Genghis Khan the Mongol Empire was divided up into four khanates and convinced to expand each region was ruled by a descendent of Genghis What was the Mongol Empire at its Peak China conquered Yuan Dynasty established Russia conquered ruled by the Golden Horde Khanate Middle East conquered Baghdad destroyed in 1258

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As they conquered more and more people they learned from them and by the time of Genghis Khan's death in 1227 they had conquered much of northern Asia And the Mongols will continue on Within half a century of Genghis Khan's death they will have conquered not just northern Asia

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Genghis Khan (shown seated in this tapestry) is said to have killed 1 748 000 people in a single hour Now that the Cold War is over Genghis Khan 's role as the father of Mongolia is once again being celebrated Under Soviet rule Mongols couldn't even utter Khan's name aloud Now however the Mongolian people can visit the ruler's recently

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Genghis Khan realised that he needed people who could govern cities and states conquered by him He also realised that such administrators could not be found among his Mongol people because they were nomads and thus had no experience governing cities

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Genghis Khan ruled parts of China Asia and Europe He was quite wealthy and powerful

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Genghis Khan having no need for infantry freed them with those making it to Europe spreading the first news of the Mongol conquests Genghis Khan had 100 000 to 125 000 horsemen with Uighur and Turkic allies engineers and Chinese doctors a total of 150 000 to 200 000 men

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Oct 21 2018 · Mural of siege warfare Genghis Khan Exhibit Tech Museum San Jose 2010 (Bill Taroli/ CC BY 2 0 ) Genghis Khan was a man of reason within his own empire where he let the people live happy lives so long as they followed his rules If you were silly enough to break one of those rules Genghis Khan would cruelly punish you

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Additionally until Genghis Khan gained control over the Uyghur people the Mongolians did not have a writing system As such many of the records that survive of him were written by foreigners

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Rather than shed the blood of rival princes one of Genghis Khan's commands Jebe and Subedei ordered the unfortunate commander and two other princes stretched out under boards and slowly suffocated as Mongols stood or sat upon the boards during the victory banquet

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Jul 12 2014 · Genghis Khan unlike most Mongols in history is a household name regularly misappropriated as a right wing totem If we recall the genocidal killing sprees of say Stalin and Mao perhaps it

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what did ghengis khan do that was so cruel how did he treat

Sep 12 2007 · Genghis Khan was very loyal to his friends He rewarded loyalty greatly for it was very important to him He also made sure every religion was respected no matter what preference He also

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By 1206 Genghis Khan had conquered all Mongol and Turkic tribes in Mongolia and southern Siberia In 1207 his eldest son Jochi subjugated the Siberian forest people the Uriankhai the Oirats Barga Khakas Buryats Tuvans Khori Tumed and Kyrgyz 23

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Mar 22 2009 · How did Genghis Khan treat civilians I'm doing a research paper on him and I'm getting conflicting information Some sources say that he spared people who surrendered and others say that he killed civilians who he had no use for

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How did Genghis Khan Treat the People he Conquered 74 newest reports as well as publications about how did genghis khan treat the people he conquered Read on information along with convenient suggestions in regards to how did genghis khan treat the people he conquered

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How did Chinggis Khan treat cities that surrendered to his army a He destroyed every tenth one as a lesson to other cities b he negotiated with local elites to make them allies c He enslaved but did not kill the people d He killed the people and destroyed the city anyway

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Mar 21 2020 · The Mongol empire was founded by Genghis Khan in 1206 It extended from the Pacific Ocean to the Danube River and the Persian Gulf At its greatest extent it covered some 9 million square miles of territory making it the largest contiguous land empire in history Learn more about the Mongol empire in this article

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Jun 21 2019 · Genghis Khan (c 1162 August 18 1227) was the legendary founder and leader of the Mongol Empire In a span of just 25 years his horsemen conquered a larger area and greater population than the Romans did in four centuries To the millions of people conquered by his hordes

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Genghis Khan an illiterate nomad was a genius at many levels not least in that his achievements as it were came from nowhere All other great conquerors were literate and had a huge background of tradition and knowledge to draw on Alexander the Great from Aristotle Julius Caesar from the whole canon of ancient Greece Napoleon from