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Oct 30 2013 · On top of the royalties Audible pays a $25 "bounty" if your book is one of the first three books purchased when someone signs up for Audible Again pretty unbelievable So if your audiobook costs $10 you immediately start making $5 per unit sold

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Hi Audible Social Support here Once you use your credit for the month you will receive 30% off any cash purchases If you believe you will always be listening to more than 1 book per month you may be interested in our Platinum Monthly plan (2 credits/month) or one of our annual plans which you can renew whenever you are ready for more credits

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Apr 14 2019 · Each book costs a credit The cost per credit is determined by your subscription the cheapest monthly subscription is the most costly per credit It is $14 95 monthly and gets you a single credit There is a platinum suscription that you pay $22 95 monthly and get 2 credits so just $11 48 per credit

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May 21 2014 · Check in on the daily deal each day Audible sells one book for a very low price (usually about 80% off and between $1 95 and $5 95 in price) You can sign up to get an email or just visit the Audible Home Page to see if the book is something you are interested in These are not the "best" books in my opinion

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That said 5 books recorded 4 finally made Audible and the total cost all up Less than AUS$50 (about US$40) for 5 covers Even if I had the budget to hire a narrator I would narrate my own books

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As a subscriber you automatically get a 30% discount which knocks it down to $73 49 which is frankly still a staggeringly stupid price But hey you could grab this for only a single Audible credit worth the $15 monthly fee If it's imperative you have this book read aloud to you this is clearly a steal

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If you're a member of Audible and spend your credits each month you will save money on audio books quite quickly You can buy individual audio books which costs anywhere between $10 and $25 For example The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson is currently an Audible best seller and it costs $23 95 at the time of writing

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Posting your book on ACX means that if and when your book is made into an audiobook the finished audiobook will be available to consumers on all of Audible's retail channels currently Audible com Amazon com and iTunes These three leading digital retailers reach the vast majority of audiobook buyers

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All I had to do was supply my email address connected to my amazon prime account Anyways I never claimed my audiobook and never thought audible again until this week when I was living on a budget of $80 for 10 days and I saw my checking account drain by $15

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Keep hold of your monthly credits for up to a year There's no pressure to use them right away Like the sound of membership Join Audible today to experience all of these benefits and more Get started with a free audiobook Try Audible free After 30 days Audible is $14 95/month Cancel anytime

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Jun 19 2014 · For a limited time you can get three months of Audible Gold for $1 95 per month when you apply coupon code TZ2014 That's a grand total of $5 85 for a subscription that would normally cost you

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Jul 20 2018 · The default subscription for Audible (the one that you roll into automatically after your trial ends) is $14 95 per month which comes with one credit per month (one credit equals one free download) There are other options though

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Jul 03 2018 · It translates to about 9 10 hours of narration The cost per finished hour ranges between $100 and $500 So the cost of producing an audiobook of a 100 000 word novel narrated by a recognizable voice can easily exceed $5 000 It's no surprise that an audiobook version of a book title costs much more than its ebook edition

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Members receive credits each month or year that can be used to purchase any audiobook on the site regardless of price As a new Audible member you can enroll in a free 30 day membership and after the first free month of listening the standard monthly subscription fee is $14 95

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Jan 28 2018 · The average book price for the monthly platinum subscription is a few cents less than $11 50 and two full price audiobooks from the Google Play Store could easily cost four times as much

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For example if your book is 50 000 words your audiobook would be approximately 5 3 hours long If you are paying $80 per produced hour of audio your total bill for the production would be $430 ***Tip You can estimate the audio length of your book by dividing the total word count by 9 300 (9 300 is the average number of words per hour in

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Note The Audible Escape subscription gives you the ability to binge listen to romance titles You can borrow up to 10 romance books at a time You can borrow up to 10 romance books at a time You can return them when finished and pick more to listen to

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These include how often you buy audiobooks as well as how expensive said books are It will also depend on whether or not you purchase a membership subscription and what level of subscription you get For example a Gold Monthly membership to Audible costs about $15 per month Along with that you get one free book a month

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Since your monthly subscription is $15 and gets you one book then the royalty is based on the retail price at Audible There's a lot involved in determining royalties including whether you've given exclusive distribution rights to the publisher ACX and how you deal with your producer

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How Much Does it Cost to Create an Audiobook I spent about $300 on equipment and another $250 working with an audio engineer You don't need a fancy studio or large budget to narrate and edit an audiobook book

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How much do books on audible cost complimentary access to exclusive audio shows and much more your titles to your app so you can listen without using data or Wi Fi—at no extra cost

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Sep 14 2016 · Amazon Prime members who pay $99 annually for free two day shipping can now access Audible audio service content at no additional cost You'll be able to stream from a rotating group of more

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One or two books per month sure I can understand that You can also choose to buy 12 or 24 books all at once That makes sense just pay for a year up front But if you want to buy an individual book that can cost upwards of half the price of a subscription all in one go! All in all Audible is not the way to experience audiobooks at their best

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Apr 19 2019 · Audible membership costs $14 95/month for the Gold Monthly plan in which the members get 1 credit per month This is the basic membership plan that starts automatically after the 30 day free trial gets over for a new member

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1 book credit allows you to listen to any audiobook in our library If you find yourself wanting to listen to more books you can add book credits to your subscription as you go Sign up for our 30 day free trial and get your first book free no strings attached Cancel anytime during those 30 days no questions asked

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Audible costs $14 95 US per month for the least expensive membership fee though you can get a 30 day free trial of it The prices of audiobooks on Audible depend on several factors such as the length of the book and the seller's decisions Some can be as low as $2 99 while others cost $20 or more

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The book library is not as extensive as Audible but it's still huge and most popular audio books are there They have a 30 day free trial at the time of writing this Audible review but they will need your email address and credit card details If you find the 'con's of Audible too much for you try out Audiobooks