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How to Choose the Author Order in a Manuscript

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Please prepare the manuscript for masked review; whenever possible please use author names and references for self citations but make sure that you use third person to discuss the work (see Review Policy below); please use "Authors date" only if a self citation by name would reveal your identity (e g if you are citing unpublished work work

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Additional issues regarding honorary authorship are the inclusion of an author on a manuscript without his or her permission (which is often prevented by journal guidelines that require the consent of all authors) and coercive authorship which typically consists of a senior researcher (such as a dissertation advisor) forcing a junior researcher (such as a graduate student) to include a gift or guest author

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The manuscript title name and affiliation of each author any current or additional affiliations and corresponding author email need to appear on the first page in the manuscript file For more information regarding author lists please see Your Author List

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Order author copies You can order author copies of books in "Live" status Go to your Bookshelf Find the paperback you want to order Click the Order Author Copies button Enter the order quantity Choose an Amazon marketplace You can order copies from Amazon com Amazon co uk Amazon de Amazon fr Amazon it and Amazon es

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Don't wait until the manuscript is drafted before you decide on the author order All the parties involved will need to agree on the author list before submission and no one will want to delay submission because of a disagreement about who should be included on the author list and in what order

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As the manuscript was not in its final form it was still technically possible to make changes to the author list at this stage The editor contacted authors A B and G (submitting author) to ask them to agree between them the correct author list and to contact the editors via the submitting author within one week

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The affiliation should reflect the author's current and primary employment The previous institution and its support may be acknowledged in the paper 2 Recommendations state owned institution

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The first author should be that person who contributed most to the work including writing of the manuscript The sequence of authors should be determined by the relative overall contributions to the manuscript It is common practice to have the senior author appear last sometimes regardless of his or her contribution

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Remember that your ultimate goal is to discuss what the authors would need to do in order to qualify for publication The point is not to nitpick every piece of the manuscript Your focus should be on providing constructive and critical feedback that the authors can use to improve their study

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For further detail and examples you are referred to the AMA Manual of Style A Guide for Authors and Editors Tenth Edition ISBN 0 978 0 19 517633 9 List Number the references in the list in the order in which they appear in the text Examples Reference to a journal publication 1 Van der Geer J Hanraads JAJ Lupton RA

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Sep 26 2012 · COPE recommends that researchers decide who will be an author and what order they will be listed in before they even conduct experiments and that the group revisits the author list as a project

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I'm not a believer in the one perfect way to order a given poetry manuscript I believe that the many ways to order a manuscript are limited only by imagination so feel free to invent strategies beyond those I suggest It's important to try different strategies and to make a decision based on both intellect and intuition

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Aug 30 2019 · Use all black text on all white paper No funky unique or "pretty" colors of any kind Also use a good quality 20 pound bond white paper if making a hard copy submission Don't staple the paper and pack it neatly and securely for shipping Make the manuscript readable by choosing a traditional 12 point font and double spacing everything

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Dec 22 2014 · Before sending your novel out to potential agents and publishers be sure it's sent in the standard manuscript format by following these guidelines Before sending your novel out to potential agents and publishers be sure to follow these important formatting guidelines

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1 Answer to this question Answer The convention followed in the order of authors is field specific In the life sciences for example the first author is the author who has done the maximum work and is responsible for the entire manuscript

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Reminds authors what content should be included in an article Provides all content needed for the work to be replicated and reproduced Although the sections of the journal manuscript are published in the order Title Abstract Introduction Materials and Methods Results Discussion and Conclusion this is not the best order for writing the

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Decide which items will appear in the manuscript including text ideas figures tables etc Determine the percentage of each item that was created by each author Rank the items based on their importance to the overall manuscript and assign a weight to each item accordingly

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In the literary world an author is someone who creates a written work In the academic research world however an author is much more Indeed many journals follow the recommendations promoted by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) To obtain authorship credit a person must partake in ALL

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How to choose a target journal Submitting a manuscript to an unsuitable journal is a common mistake and can cause journal editors to reject the manuscript without even sending it for peer review Choosing a journal that matches your study is thus very important because it makes it more likely that your manuscript will be accepted

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To maximize your manuscript's chances of a well matched review and readership here are three considerations when choosing key terms Your target journal's instructions for authors Guidelines for the number and type of keywords may vary between journals

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But in others deciding on the order can be difficult Here are a few guidelines to help you decide how to order the authors in a manuscript First Author The first author is the most sought after position in a publication Postdoctoral researchers use this "ranking" to get funding get hired or get promoted Graduate students use it as their ticket to their PhD because they often need at least one first authored paper to earn their degree The first author is most often the person who

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Jan 16 2007 · Authors use alphabetical sequence to acknowledge similar contributions or to avoid disharmony in collaborating groups We suggest that the contribution of each author is valuated as an equal proportion (impact divided by the number of all authors but a minimum of 5%) (3) The "first last author emphasis" norm (FLAE)

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During the manuscript submission process Authors can choose to have their manuscript posted online as JAMs If an author chooses to have a manuscript published online as a JAM it is considered published when this version appears on the Web

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Defining authorship Co authors corresponding authors and affiliations A co author is any person who has made a significant contribution to a journal article They also share responsibility and accountability for the results If more than one author writes an article you'll choose one person to be the corresponding author This person will

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At the time of submission of a manuscript journals require you to choose one of the authors as the corresponding author The corresponding author is the one who receives all notifications from the journal including manuscript status reviewers' comments and the final decision

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I guess the problem is already solved during the last 5 years ;) though my recommendation is to choose between the authors you have already cited their work in your manuscript Cite 21st Nov 2017

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Jul 21 2017 · When including information from an unpublished manuscript put a citation within parentheses Insert the author's last name a comma and the year it was completed When there are two authors separate the names with an ampersand "&" Use commas to separate the names of three or more authors and include an ampersand before the last name If