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Best Merchant Republic to play as Europa Universalis IV

Jun 01 2014 · You can also play as Milan they have a event that turns them into a republic when their ruler dies with no heir Its an easy event to get sense their ruler starts out over 50 with no heir at the start of the game

Change to republic Europa Universalis IV General Discussions

Aug 13 2013 · Anyone know how to change from monarchies to a republic When I look at the change government button all monarchies can only switch to other monarchies and all republic can only switch to other republics Is there a way to go from monarchy to republic I read that you can get republic tradion low to switch over to the monarchy group but how do you switch over to republic

Republic vs Democracy What Is the Difference

The United States while basically a republic is best described as a "representative democracy " In a republic an official set of fundamental laws like the U S Constitution and Bill of Rights prohibits the government from limiting or taking away certain "inalienable" rights of the people even if that government was freely chosen

Best goverment type Europa Universalis IV General Discussions

Jul 13 2014 · Still got aristocracy instead of plutocracy (even though you can grab both if you change government type to administrative republic) still got royal marriages to improve relationships (I wonder if you can make PU's with that though) and 1 tolerances & 10% army morale is a neat bonuses to have that are pretty much always good unlike 25%

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Dithmarschen Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

Dithmarschen is a member state of the Holy Roman Empire situated in the far north of the Empire It starts as an independent one province nation bordering Holstein to the north and east and Hamburg to the south Dithmarschen has the unique republican government type of "Peasant Republic" and exists from the game start at 1444 to 1559 after

French Republic flag for France mod for Europa Universalis IV

That mod is a replacer of the original french flag To promote French Republic flag for France and grow its popularity () use the embed code provided on your homepage blog forums and elsewhere you desire

List of event lists Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

This page lists all collections of events on the wiki 1 1 Disaster events 1 2 2 year pulse 1 3 3 year pulse 1 4 4 year pulse 1 5 5 year pulse 1 6 Other triggered events 2 1 Country specific 2 2 Religious events 3 Unsorted event files #N#This article or section requires cleanup to meet the wiki's style guidelines

Hamburg Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

has its capital in Westphalia (area) is either an elector or not a member of the HRE owns its core provinces Magdeburg (52) Westfalen (82) Hanover (1758) Kassel (1762) Paderborn (2972) If Kassel (1762) is a part of the Holy Roman Empire but the country is not a member of the HRE Kassel (1762) is removed from the HRE

Favourite Republic eu4 reddit

2) Whats your favourite republic government type and why 3) Whats your favourite nation to play as and then convert to a republic I ask this mostly out of curiosity but since trying a Novgobear game ive waned away from the notion of the Noble Republic being the best due to the possible yearly republican tradition gain of 1 0 5 0 5 0 2 0 2

Republic events Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

Republic's are successful when the important families are ready to put the republic's interest on a par with their own Currently our republican traditions are under pressure and families are putting their own interests ahead of the republics

Worth it to switch from a Monarchy to a Noble Republic

Jan 28 2015 · It mostly depends on what kind of game you want to play but I usually prefer merchant republic over noble myself I'm not really in a great position for trade probably won't be for ages That stuff's all locked down by other nations by this point so noble would be my best pick

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Republics Why are they worth it eu4 reddit

Republics Why are they worth it I have always heard and seen people play republics really well always keeping 6 6 6 rulers a common occurence and still not having any issues with tradition However every event in the republic arsenal seems to either have huge detriments for your nation or cause you to lose tradition

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Dithmarschen Wikipedia

Dithmarschen's landscape owes its character to the North Sea From west to east Dithmarschen consists of the Wadden Sea marsh bog and the geestland The North Sea had a higher sea level 6 500 years ago than today and the coastline then ran along the geestland

EU4 Development Diary 4th of September 2018 Paradox

Sep 04 2018 · If Dutch Republic becomes a monarchy the van Oranje will be placed in power Best patch note V If you like Hedgehog pictures and EU4 stuff check my

EU4 Monarchy vs Republic Comparison Based on Monarch Points

Jul 31 2016 · In every reelection republic can reelect their ruler to 1 stat in admin diplo and mil but minus 10 republic tradition for return; or choose a 4/1/1 1/4/1 or 1/1/4 new ruler with full republic Comparing to the randomness of stat in monarchy republics are only having a total 6 9 12 14 16 18 monarch points after reelections

Republic of Pirates Wikipedia

The Republic of Pirates was the base or stronghold of a loose confederacy run by privateers turned pirates in Nassau on New Providence island in the Bahamas for about eleven years from 1706 until 1718 Although not a state or republic in a formal sense it was governed by its own informal ' Code of Conduct ' The activities of the pirates

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Nov 08 2019 · For the best experience please update your Cursed EU4 Images 2 Duration 0 40 ODDstan 17 022 0 55 Eu4 Meme Pirate Republic Scotland Duration 3 11 Dragoon Recommended for

The most OP nation in Europe Europa Universalis IV

Mar 11 2017 · France probably has the best troops always spawn two star general and army tradition is pretty high Austria ususally PU over Hungry with lots of troops (as a HRE emperor) and might PU Bohemia at some Point Poland used to have 99% chance to PU over Luthania but they rarely involved in major wars inside central europe

So you wanna play a Republic eu4

So you wanna play a Republic How would you like to be the Bestest Republic ever Here's a guide to being the best Republic you can be Did you know you could get beast rulers constantly You can choose the ruler's admin points and fill out ideas super quickly Let's look at how this works 4/1/1 first election 4 years 5/2/2 second election 8

Guide to becoming and being a republic eu4

Which one is best for becoming a republic is debatable Aristocratic has fewer events associated with it so on average you'll get the rebels faster but Religious has a great first idea If you want to keep the idea group Religious is generally better than Aristocratic I find

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Government Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

Republic Main article Republic Republic is a form of government where power is in contrast to a monarchy held by a group of people Republics have republican tradition instead of legitimacy In some republics the ruler rules for life but in others there is an election cycle

Best government form in the game eu4

Dutch Republic because the leaders are amazing the events that can happen are great the bonuses you get are fantastic and you can't lose republican tradition from elections Also the leaders that you can elect usually have very very high stats (higher than 3/3/3 usually) so I think they have the best government type