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Important Geographical Facts about Europe

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Another interesting fact about Geography of earth is that the state of Alaska in all of America is the most Northern Eastern and also Western state It's also the only state that made it to the "Eastern Hemisphere" snatching the title of being the most eastern lying and western lying state Sponsored

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The highest mountain in Europe is Mount Elbrus a mountian in the Caucasus with a height of 18 510 feet above sea level Important rivers in Europe include Dnieper Don Pechora Kama Rhine Elbe Loire Rhone Seine Po and Thames The longest river is the Volga with a path of 2 290 miles

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Europe is dominated by the Alpine mountain chain the principal links of which are the Pyrenees Alps Carpathian Mountains Balkan Mountains and the Caucasus Between the Scandinavian peninsula and the Alpine chain is the great European plain which extends from the Atlantic coast in France to the Urals

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In school we're all taught the basics of European history You know a little something about Europe's wars and princes and landmarks and art but if you're looking to impress your friends or family tuck a couple of these fascinating little known facts about Europe away they're sure to turn some heads when you have the opportunity to share

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Europe facts tell us there are 50 countries in Europe including the world's smallest country   Vatican City The most visited countries in Europe are France Spain Italy the United Kingdom and Germany Europe is home to five transcontinental countries that straddle the border between Europe and Asia

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Norway country of northern Europe that occupies the western half of the Scandinavian peninsula Nearly half of the inhabitants of the country live in the far south in the region around Oslo the capital

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18 Interesting Geographical Facts You Probably Had No Idea About The world is quite fascinating a place if one actually makes an effort to find out It has its very own quirks its highs and downs its irregularities and its beautiful weirdness And our Earth is nothing less than mysterious

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Nov 25 2019 · Europe's and Russia's Longest River The longest river in Russia and Europe is the Volga River which flows entirely within Russia for 2 290 miles (3 685 km) Its source is in the Valdai Hills near the city of Rzhev and flows to the Caspian Sea in the southern part of Russia

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Are you looking for interesting geography facts We have listed here some awesome information about the world's continents countries and people Simply browse our geo facts section and enjoy learning about our wonderful world! What you will find here Let's start with three geo facts quiz questions right here

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Europe is the sixth largest continent in size and the third largest in population It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south Asia to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the West Europe is a wealthy continent and is the center of the West and Western Democracy

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Top 20 Europe Facts 1 The European continent is located completely in the northern hemisphere and mainly in the eastern hemisphere Europe borders onto the Arctic 2 There are 50 countries in Europe with a total of more than 742 million people living on the continent Of these 50 countries

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Following are the Geography Facts about India The Union of India is the seventh largest country in the world covering an area of 32 87 590 square kilometers and it is an important country of south Asia South Asia has a total area of about 4 488 million sq km out of which India has the largest area (3 287 sq km)

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Some interesting facts about Europe for kids are that the continent of Europe is slightly larger than the United States and that all European countries use the Euro except for the United Kingdom and Switzerland Another interesting fact is that there are no deserts in Europe

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Nov 17 2016 · Denmark most likely means "Land of the Danes " The first mention of the name of the kingdom Denmark comes from about A D 900 in King Alfred the Great of England's translation of Orosius' Geography In Denmark it rains or snows every second day On average Denmark has 171 days with precipitation of more than 0 004 in (0 1 mm)

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Interesting Geography Facts Europe 1 Europe is home to two countries that are completely landlocked by Italy 2 Vatican City is also the smallest country in the world 3 Europe has some unique place names 4 Rome was the first city in the world to reach a population of 1 million people 5

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Martha Bakerjian is an Italian travel expert who uses her home in northern Tuscany as a base for her in depth explorations of the country Italy is a Mediterranean country located in southern Europe It is bordered by the Adriatic Sea on the east coast the Tyrrhenian Sea on the west or Mediterranean coast and the Ionian Sea to the south

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Apr 02 2020 · Its major peninsulas include Jutland and the Scandinavian Iberian Italian and Balkan peninsulas Indented by numerous bays fjords and seas continental Europe's highly irregular coastline is about 24 000 miles (38 000 km) long Sveti Stefan Sveti Stefan Montenegro © Architect/Shutterstock com

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Political Geography Europe's long history and economic progress have been shaped by its political geography Political geography is the internal and external relationships between governments citizens and territories Early Europeans in fact shaped global ideas of citizenship and government

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35 Interesting Facts about Europe With a land area of only 4 000 000 square miles Europe is the second smallest continent in the world just behind Australia Despite its relatively small size Europe is quite populous It comes right after Asia and Africa in terms of population

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Europe Geography Facts For additional geography details please use the yellow navigation bar at the top of this page Note that some stats shown below are found in European Russia even though that landmass is geographically considered a part of Russia an Asian country

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Apr 07 2014 · 17 Facts about Russian Geography 1 Russia is the largest country in the world with an area of 17 075 400 square kilometers It is 1 8 times bigger than the United States

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France is one of the oldest nations on Earth and the most ethnically diverse country in Europe These deep and broad influences have made France a world leader throughout history in different aspects of culture including cuisine philosophy music art film fashion literature and sport

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Europe is the second smallest continent Only Oceania has less landmass Europe extends from the island nation of Iceland in the west to the Ural Mountains of Russia in the east Europes northernmost point is the Svalbard archipelago of Norway and it reaches as far south as the islands of Greece and Malta

Important Geographical Facts about Europe

Apr 17 2018 · Important Geographical Facts about Europe 1 It is surrounded by water bodies in three sides Arctic Ocean in the north 2 It is separated from Asia by Caspian Sea and Ural mountains 3 Norway Sweden Iceland and Denmark are together called ' Scandinavia ' 4 In Netherlands (Holland)