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What are the differences between JIRA Software JIRA Service

What are the differences between JIRA Software JIRA Service Desk and JIRA Core From JIRA 7 onwards Atlassian has split JIRA into 3 different standalone products This page compares their differences to let people know which JIRA edition they need

Solved What is the difference between Jira Core and Jira

Sep 27 2016 · JIRA Service Desk is another application you add to Core it provides portals service requests and queues in front of your JIRA projects If you are missing the "boards" option from the top menu then your user does not have the permission to use JIRA Software or it's not installed and/or licenced

Jira Core Server 8 8 documentation Atlassian Documentation

Mar 19 2020 · Check out our guides for new administrators and users Get the lowdown on the latest and greatest in Jira Core 8 7 Get a quick overview of Core and how it can help your team perform Learn how to install Jira Core and use it with other Atlassian products Define project access workflows and more to have it all set up for your team

What is Jira Core Cloud Jira Core Cloud Atlassian Support

Jira Core is a collaboration tool designed to help teams track all activity considered work Work might include running projects managing approval processes performing daily and periodic tasks creating documents and a lot more

Save your search as a filter Jira Core Cloud Atlassian

Save your Jira issue searches as filters so you can easily export results share them with your team and display them in reports dashboards and queues

Download Jira Core Server Atlassian

Host Jira Core on your server for more customization and control Download and try Jira Core Server free for 30 days

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Jira server app for android does not refresh tasks on board Hey there since some days the Jira app for android does not show new tasks on boards When new tasks are created I can see them under the "Issues" section but not on the kanban board itself My 60 views 0 0 Max Mustermann Friday jira core server

Trello vs Jira Settling a Sibling Rivalry in 2020

Trello and Jira are both owned and operated by the same company but they are very different beasts indeed Trello's core feature set is basic It has many power ups and there are plenty of

Jira Core Atlassian Community

Connect share learn with other Jira Core users Find answers ask questions and read articles on Jira Core

JIRA Software Vs JIRA Core License Atlassian Documentation

The JIRA platform is at its core our workflow engine that allows you to track issues or tasks through a predefined customizable workflow You can organize tasks by project allowing for the entirety of your organization to track their issues at a project level with complete transparency using granular user permissions

Jira Core Project Management for business teams

Managing projects and tasks in Jira Core starts with a workflow Workflows define your process and enable your team to track tasks Jira Core Cloud instances also have boards that allow you to visualize your workflows and drag and drop tasks from to do to done Currently available in cloud offering only Monitor details

Allow OAuth access Jira Core Cloud Atlassian Support

The Jira gadget on the 'consumer' is granted access to your Jira data via an 'OAuth access token' which acts as a type of 'key' As long as the consumer is in possession of this access token the Jira gadget will be able to access Jira data that is both publicly available and privy to your Jira user account

Search for issues in a project Jira Core Cloud Atlassian

If you're looking for issues and already know which Jira Core Cloud project they're in head to that project and use a set of pre configured filters

Solved epic vs story vs task Atlassian Community

JIRA is a software that attempts to facilitate the Agile philosophy As such JIRA provide a fairly broad approach to agile terms and functionality In general Epic Story & Task are all Issue Types in JIRA and therefore can be organized in any heirarchy the users wishes (via linking and advance workflow rules)

Work with boards in business projects Jira Core Cloud

Jira Core boards are designed to give you an easy and clear way to visualize work You get a snapshot of project progress including what work is yet to be started what's in progress and what is completed Created with Sketch This page covers Jira Core boards For Jira Software boards take a look at To start using boards open your project

Jira Core 8 7 x release notes Atlassian Documentation

Jira Software 8 7 release notes Jira Service Desk 4 7 release notes If you're thinking to move to Data Center check our recommendations first See Infrastructure recommendations for Jira Anonymizing users for GDPR compliance We're giving admins the power to anonymize their users hiding or deleting any data that can identify real people

Jira Core overview Atlassian Documentation

Jira Software Project and issue tracking Jira Service Desk Service desk and customer support Jira Core Manage any business project Confluence Document collaboration

Solved What's the difference between JIRA Software and JI

Jira Core is Jira Software and Service Desk are Applications that run on top of Jira Core adding functions to it You can't run Jira Software on its own as it needs Core to provide the issues workflows projects users and so on

Getting started with Jira Core Atlassian Documentation

Jira Core is a workflow management system which allows you to set up unique processes that suit the way you work At the heart of all systems are workflows moving packets of work from A to B Jira Core allows you to make your workflow as easy or as complex as you need giving you the freedom to concentrate on the work not the process

Jira Core Licensing Atlassian

' An active user in Jira Core is by definition any user account in the system with the "Jira Core Users" global permission or the "Jira Administrators" permission i e anyone who can log in Unlimited 'anonymous users' are permitted on all licenses An academic license is available for qualified educational and academic institutions

Jira Documentation Directory Atlassian Documentation

Jira Core 7 0 PDF Administering Jira Applications Latest online documentation Administering Jira Cloud

Create and edit a dashboard Jira Core Cloud Atlassian Support

Jira Core / Resources / Work in Jira Core Cloud / Work with dashboards in Jira Cloud Server Create and edit a dashboard You can create and customize your own

What are Jira workflows Jira Core Cloud Atlassian Support

Jira Core Cloud projects contain issues that your team can view work on and transition through stages The path your issues take is called a workflow

See how teams use Jira Core Cloud Jira Core Cloud

Jira Core is a highly flexible and configurable business management tool But before you go under the hood to tweak things see if we've already got a template that suits your needs Use the task management project template for a basic workflow Use the process management project template for a workflow that includes review approval and

Questions and answers around Jira Core Atlassian Community

jira core Get active sprint in automation Hi I want to get the name of the active sprint of an issue because with this name I'm changing a custom field in this issue

Upgrading Jira Server Atlassian Documentation

Jira Software Project and issue tracking Jira Service Desk Service desk and customer support Jira Core Manage any business project Confluence Document collaboration