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Jul 31 2009 · Military intelligence a list of essential readings A young acquaintance of mine due to report to the Army's military intelligence school later this year asked for some reading recommendations

DIA Director's 2018 Reading List

Professional Reading List 2018 Edition As intelligence officers our most critical asset is our mind Self study increases our speed creativity and confidence Without self study our expertise is limited to our direct experiences Reading vastly multiplies our experiences in life—as parents as friends as spouses and as leaders

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There you'll find recommendations from each military service and other prominent sources Read more about it here Order these books through AmazonSmile using MOAA's Scholarship Fund as your shopping beneficiary and together we can help provide educational assistance for children of military families


A History of the Modern Chinese Army Xiaoping Li In A History of the Modern Chinese Army Xiaoping Li a former member of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) provides a comprehensive examination of the PLA from the Cold War to the beginning of the twenty first century that highlights the military's central function in modern Chinese society

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In fiction the spy is a glamorous figure whose secrets make or break peace but historically has intelligence really been a vital step to military victories In this breakthrough study the preeminent war historian John Keegan goes to the heart of a series of important conflicts to develop a powerful argument about military intelligence In

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I need some good reading recommendations I've been on a kick lately and need something good now that I've finished Beyond Band of Brothers (Maj Dick Winters' memoir) What is something you recommend reading that's both interesting and developmental Other recent readings Blackhearts Duty Memoirs of a Secretary at War Thanks in advance!

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The books selected capture the values and ethos of our military profession promote innovative thinking to prepare for the operational realities of an uncertain future and provide insights into the foundations of our service cultures The U S Army Chief of Staff's Professional Reading List The Army List is compiled for leaders


ABOUT THE PROGRAM The U S Army Chief of Staff's Professional Reading List is divided into six categories Strategic Environment Regional Studies History and Military History Leadership

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Apr 30 2017 · Subscribe to The Military Leader! Army Chief of Staff's Reading List As a bonus here is the 2013 U S Army Chief of Staff's Reading List I picked the 2013 version because it's got some perennial classics but also offers a good set of broadening options for the military leader

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Jan 02 2016 · Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey is putting together a professional reading list and he's asked soldiers for their ideas and recommendations

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In that spirit the US Army has distributed reading recommendations so soldiers and civilians alike are able "to sharpen their knowledge of the Army's long and distinguished history as well as

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Every leader in the Army can become better at leading soldiers Reading books and articles by and about combat leaders can give good insight into improving leadership skills One should be familiar too with the documents that our Nation was founded on the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

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MilitaryReadingList is about Military Books We started this site in 2000 with the intent to make available the books on the various military service reading lists Since that time the means to find and read books on the recommended reading lists has become much easier

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Recently an Army officer shared this with me When I left the service I obtained letters of recommendations from dignitaries in countries I'd served in many of whom were influential and high

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Apr 20 2015 · Courage in the Military Physical and Moral by Peter Olsthoorn Journal of Military Ethics Vol 6 2007 The author provides excellent background on the study of physical and moral courage He contends that the military's emphasis on social cohesion encourages physical courage but detracts from moral courage because it requires one to go

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Military Reading Lists Curated by the five branches of the U S military and the Joint Chiefs of Staff these reading lists provide service members with a guide to expanding their knowledge and developing innovative thinking Explore each list and find all of the books in our library collection!

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Jun 09 2016 · RELATED Why Reading Never Stops Being a Part of Your Military Education » The Air Force's 2016 reading list encompasses a wealth of topics in various mediums from books film and photo

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Apr 08 2020 · Publication Date 2019 10 15 Also available as an audiobook War and the Art of Governance Consolidating Combat Success into Political Victory by Nadia Schadlow Call Number U167 5 S68 S33 2017 ISBN 9781626164093 Publication Date 2017 03 01 Irregular Warfare and Resistance Hybrid Warfare Fighting Complex Opponents from the Ancient

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Reach out today if you are interested in getting the latest Army / Navy/ Air Force/ USCG or USMC Reading List for your command I can assist you with getting free books or provide a quote for a complete set for your Supply Officer


General Moore and Mr Galloway chronicle the development and implementation of the Air Mobile concept and doctrine into the U S Army in Vietnam and for this alone this is a must read

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U S Special Operations Command Commander's Reading List leadership threat strategy intelligence technology and innovation Military Professional Reading Lists a great collection "You'll find 2223 books on 79 revisions of 43 different military reading lists" and their list of military reading lists

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Feb 25 2020 · SUGGESTED MILITARY READING LIST Compiled by The Chief of Transportation August 2013 The US Army Transportation Corps has created a listing consisting of notable books that deal with topics of interest to U S Army Transportation Corps students

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The security accreditation level of this site is UNCLASSIFIED and below Do not process store or transmit any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO or CLASSIFIED information on this system

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Army Awards and Service Medals If you haven't submitted someone for an award or service medal before it might seem difficult but it's not really that hard Most awards follow a prescribed format which is outlined in the applicable reg ( AR 600 8 22 Military Awards )

The U S Army Chief of Staff's Professional Reading List U

The U S Army today confronts extraordinary complexity in the strategic environment with new and emerging missions competing with core warfighting requirements to challenge Army professionals This reading list is intended to serve as a guide to the many topics worthy of professional consideration contemplation and serious discussion

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A military letter of recommendation increases the likelihood of acceptance when applying for a particular position promotion special program military school/academy or to request an award/medal that a person feels they deserve but was not awarded upon discharge Whether it's the Air Force the Army the Marines or the Navy there's a

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development of Joint Force 2020 The books selected capture the values and ethos of our military profession; promote innovative thinking to prepare for the operational realities of an uncertain future; and provide insights into the foundations of our service cultures MARTIN E DEMPSEY General U S Army Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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This Center of Military History recommended Professional Reading List is divided into four sub lists each targeted to a particular level of experience and responsibility from private to lieutenant to general The readings provide a progressive course of study that will help prepare any soldier for his or her next level of responsibility

Recommended Readings US Army Combined Arms Center

Jan 13 2020 · Recommended Reading List Master of Military Art and Science Theses ADP 1 The Army (2012) NDP 1 Naval Warfare (2010)

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(Recommended by Dr John Persyn Faculty and Staff Development Division Army University) This book is an invaluable tool in the classroom on the playing field or in the workplace It is useful for both academics and practitioners since it helps provide a better understanding of the dynamics that inform team behavior and improve team functioning