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Optimism and Cause Specific Mortality A Prospective Cohort Study

Optimism and risk of all cause mortality We observed strong associations between higher optimism levels and lower risks of mortality (Table 2; all P for trend < 0 001) For example in the core model when comparing the most optimistic women (top quartile) with least optimistic (bottom quartile) the hazard ratio was 0 71 (95% confidence interval (CI) 0 66 0 76) for all cause mortality

Choosing optimism Nursing Management

Optimism isn't just a predisposition; it can be learned 7 And it isn't a form of self delusion or a pair of "rose colored glasses " Being optimistic is a much deeper choice about the lens through which you choose to see life and how you're present for those around you

Optimism and Its Impact on Mental and Physical Well Being

May 14 2010 · Many studies have been carried out about the effectiveness of optimism as a psychological phenomenon leading to various theoretical formulations of the same concept conceptualized as "disposition" "attributional style" "cognitive bias" or "shared illusion"

The Uses and Abuses of Optimism and Pessimism Psychology Today

The Uses and Abuses of Optimism and Pessimism In a striking turnaround science now sees optimism and pessimism not as good or bad outlooks you're born with but as mind sets to adopt as situations

PDF The future of optimism Semantic Scholar

Recent theoretical discussions of optimism as an inherent aspect of human nature converge with empirical investigations of optimism as an individual difference to show that optimism can be a highly beneficial psychological characteristic linked to good mood perseverance achievement and physical health Questions remain about optimism as a research topic and more generally as a societal

Optimism A Key Ingredient to Happiness

optimism is a significant determinant of mental health academic and work success physical health and overall happiness Psychologists have long been interested in optimism and we have a good understanding of what it is and why it matters There have been hundreds of studies of optimism and what we

The Positive Psychology Approach to Goal Management A Peer

Business leaders manage goals by setting and systematically striving to achieve them While management and organizational researchers have laid the groundwork for goal management the emerging field of Positive Psychology appears to offer many additional findings and insights that will help managerial leaders be more effective as they define and pursue goals

How Learned Optimism Can Improve Your Life

Aug 29 2018 · Learned optimism is a concept that emerged out of the relatively young branch of psychology known as positive psychology Learned optimism was introduced by psychologist Martin Seligman who is considered the father of the positive psychology movement According to Seligman the process of learning to be optimistic is an important way to help people maximize their mental health and live better lives

Learned Helplessness Psychology Oxford Bibliographies

A brief but scholarly presentation of learned helplessness for the person seeking a quick introduction Maier S F and L R Watkins 2005 Stressor controllability and learned helplessness The roles of the dorsal raphe nucleus serotonin and corticotropin releasing factor

Academic optimism ScienceDirect

Abstract Academic optimism depends on positive psychology whose foundation based on scientific research contributing to the general wellness of the public and struggling to understand the individual traits The three properties of academic optimism have interacted each other Academic emphasis being one of these features

Learned Optimism Is Martin Seligman's Glass Half Full

You can find the book Learned Optimism How to Change Your Mind and Your Life on Amazon The Learned Optimism Test Chapter 3 of Learned Optimism features a 48 item test that you can do to assess the three dimensions of your explanatory style personalization pervasiveness and permanence

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Selected Scholarly Articles Positive Psychology Center

Theoretical Foundations of Positive Psychology Positive Psychology An Introduction Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi 2000 APA President's Address Seligman 1998

The Psychology of Optimism and Pessimism Theories and

However the learned optimism programme as it stands may be more focused on stopping pessimism than enhancing optimism which is its own and different skill Furthermore in the specific area of learning optimism amongst children there have been eleven replications of which eight replicated the results whilst three found no effects

Applying Learned Optimism to Increase Sales Productivity

Applying Learned Optimism to Increase Sales Productivity Peter Schulman Peter Schulman has a B S in Economics from The Wharton School and is Research Manager of Dr Martin E P Seligman's Learned Helplessness Research Lab at the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Psychology

Learned Helplessness Positive Psychology Center

Debilitated shock escape if produced by both short and long duration inescapable shock Learned helplessness vs learned inactivity Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 14 337 339 Seligman M E P and Altenor A (1980) Coping behavior Learned helplessness physiological change and learned inactivity

communityplaythings com Learned Optimism

Jan 14 2020 · The good news is that even if you weren't born an optimist optimism can be taught and learned And once learned optimism makes a permanent positive difference in a person's life The origins of learned optimism can be traced back to the work of Martin Seligman in the 1960s and 70s

Hope and optimism as related to life satisfaction The

Taylor & Francis Online Web of Science ® Google Scholar ; Study 2 N = 215) The Agency subscale of the Adult Hope Scale was the better predictor of life satisfaction in both studies The implications of these findings for theory and measurement of hope and optimism are discussed

Optimism and the Power of Positive Thinking SparkPeople

Apr 17 2007 · Optimism is a skill of emotional intelligence which translates to a better career and greater success in life Life is too short to be miserable so start turning your thinking around! The power of positive thinking can advance your prospects for work relationships and other life experiences You will earn 5 SparkPoints

The future of optimism

Recent theoretical discussions of optimism as an inherent aspect of human nature converge with empirical investigations of optimism as an individual difference to show that optimism can be a highly beneficial psychological characteristic linked to good mood perseverance achievement and physical health Questions remain about optimism as a research topic and more generally as a societal

Academic Optimism of Schools and Student Achievement

Academic Optimism of Schools and Student Achievement Pamela J McKinnon Follow this and additional works at https //digitalcommons georgiasouthern edu/etd Part of the Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration Commons Recommended Citation McKinnon Pamela J "Academic Optimism of Schools and Student Achievement" (2012)

Martin E P Seligman's research works University of

Martin E P Seligman's 154 research works with 33 852 citations and 128 089 reads including Mattering is an indicator of organizational health and employee success

Optimism & Mindset Archives PositivePsychology com

Oct 12 2019 · The most popular metaphor to explain optimism is the concept of ''glass half full '' Optimists have a built in attitude to be hopeful all the time and consider the possibilities of good things happening in life

Optimism PubMed Central (PMC)

Higher levels of optimism have been related prospectively to better subjective well being in times of adversity or difficulty (i e controlling for previous well being) Consistent with such findings optimism has been linked to higher levels of engagement coping and lower levels of avoidance or disengagement coping

Optimism Article Positive Path Life Coaching

Not only does an optimistic approach provide amazing benefits but it can be learned by anyone… yes even by dyed in the wool lifelong pessimists! Optimism has been shown to generate improved physical and mental health longevity performance excellence

Experimentally Induced Learned Helplessness in Adolescents

First because we wanted to ensure that we were studying the unique relation between learned helplessness and diabetes as opposed to the established relation between learned helplessness and depression (e g Miller & Seligman 1975) we excluded participants with clinical levels of depression from our sample

Optimism versus pessimism and academic achievement evaluation

This article integrates three central theories of optimism pessimism (OP) The combination of the shared components of these theories outcome expectancies emotions and behavioral intention may produce an integrative academic achievement evaluation

The Impacts of Dispositional Optimism and Psychological

Wong SS Lim T (2009) Hope versus optimism in Singaporean adolescents Contributions to depression and life satisfaction Pers Indiv Differ 46 648 652 View Article Google Scholar 18 Boman P Yates G (2001) Optimism hostility and adjustment in the first year of high school

Happiness Hope and Optimism

Scholarly paper written by an undergraduate which examines the relationship between religion and optimism Optimism May Not Prolong Life For Cancer Patients But Pessimism May Shorten It Summary of a study published in an American Psychological Association publication which considers the relationship between outlook and cancer prognosis