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Commander of the overseas American Expeditionary Force in WWI Leader of the pacifist National Women's Party who opposed U S involvement in WWI Climactic final battle of WWI Hated leader of America's enemy in WWI Inspiration and idealistic leader of the Western world in wartime who later stumbled as a peacemaker

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American force of 14 500 that landed in France in June 1917 under the command of General John Pershing plan for the post war world that Wilson brought to the Paris Peace Conference; it proposed open peace treaties freedom of the seas arms reductions and a League of Nations

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The American Expeditionary Forces General John Joseph Pershing head and shoulders portrait facing front in uniform Photograph c1919 Prints and Photographs Division Library of Congress LC USZ62 113824 World War I was the first time in American history that the United States sent soldiers abroad to defend foreign soil

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Commander of American Expeditionary Force of over 1 million troops who insisted his soldiers fight as independent units so US would have independent role in shaping the peace 9 3801463575 Kaiser Wilhelm II Who led Germany during the last decade of the 1800s and most of World War I 10 3801463576 Charles Evans Hughes

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led the American Expeditionary Force; urged that the AEF operate as an independent fighting force under American command; was made General of the Armies of the United States which is the highest rank given to an officer 358707189 Meuse Argonne offensive 47 day battle whose objective was to cut German rail lines

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This page is dedicated to the key terms people events and ideas important to the study of AP US History Students are expected to incorporate each of these terms into an essay that highlights the main ideas of the chapter as well as strengthen the supporting details and evidence provided in support of those main ideas in preparation for the May AP exam

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Unformatted text preview American Expeditionary Force The first elements of the AEF American troops who served in Europe in World War I arrived in Paris in July 1917 They were under the command of General John J Pershing who insisted that they fight as independent units and not be integrated into British and French forces

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withdrawl of American troops from Haiti repeal of most if America's interventionist rights in Cuba granted by the Platt Amendment partial release of the American political and military stranglehold over Panama a formal endorsement of nonintervention in Latin American affairs at the Seventh Pan Amendment Conference in 1933

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Commander of the overseas American Expeditionary Force in World War I l Massachusetts governor and Warren G Harding's vice presidential running mate in the election of 1920 m Wilson's great senatorial antagonist who fought to keep America out of the League of Nations n

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American Wallstreet loaned major money to the allies If British were to have lost those loans would have never gotten paid It is possible that Wilson was protecting American investments by going into WWI not for altruistic reasons

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American Expeditionary Force The American Expeditionary Force (or "Forces") was the name applied to the American troops serving in Europe during World War I When Congress declared War on Germany in 1917 the United States did not have the organization necessary for the deployment of the enormous numbers that would be required

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The American Expeditionary Forces ( A E F A E F or AEF) was a formation of the United States Army on the Western Front of World War I The AEF was established on July 5 1917 in France under the command of Gen John J Pershing It fought alongside French Army British Army Canadian Army

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The court upheld the Sedition Act of four Russian immigrants who had printed pamphlets denouncing American military intervention in the Russian Revolution The nation's highest court thus endorsed the severe wartime restriction on free speech

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American History 15th Edition by Alan Brinkley Chapter Outlines and Reading Guide (Outlines developed by Lora Clay Spring Woods High School) Chapter 21 America and the Great War 1 The "Big Stick" America and the World 1901 1917 a Roosevelt and "civilization" i "speak softly but carry a big stick" ii Civilized and uncivilized b

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consisted of the United States Armed Forces sent to Europe in World War I a part of the final Allied offensive of World War I that stretched along the entire Western Front one of the peace treaties at the end of World War I It ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers

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Key Concepts Key Concept 7 1 — Growth expanded opportunity while economic instability led to new efforts to reform U S society and its economic system Key Concept 7 2 — Innovations in communications and technology contributed to the growth of mass culture while significant changes occurred in internal and international migration patterns

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"Black Tuesday" October 29 1929 the day the stock market failed causing the market to remain depressed for over four years In a way the beginning of the Great Depression Dust Bowl A drought beginning in 1930 that caused an area from Texas to the Dakotas to be known as the "Dust Bowl;" rainfall decreased …

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The American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) consisted of the United States Armed Forces sent to Europe under the command of General John J Pershing in 1917 to help fight World War I During the United States campaigns in World War I the AEF fought in France alongside French and British allied forces in the last year of the war against German forces

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Set up to encourage patriotism they gave speeches created posters songs were sung etc Huge push toward being American during WWI Espionage Act (1917) Made it illegal to criticize the war effort or the gov Led to arrests of many anti war Americans like Debs

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APUSH Review Remember to work your way through each of the unit pages as well as there are videos primary sources explanatory articles and plenty of other things to help you with your review Use the chapter by chapter familiarity survey that we did in class in late March for most of the course

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American Expeditionary Force Definition Official title of American army sent to Europe to aid England and France after USA entered World War I; army commanded by General John J Pershing

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American Expeditionary Force Three million American men were drafted into a force to fight in Europe during WW1 485921813 War Industries Board (WIB) Major federal agency created to regulate wartime production allocation of materials 485921814 John J Pershing Commander of American Expeditionary Force that fought in Europe 485921815

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an arrest of American sailors by the Mexican govt that spurred Wilson to dispatch the American navy to seize the port of Veracruz in april 1914 Term Central Powers

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Acquisition by a government of other governments or territories or of economic or cultural power over other nations or territories often by force Woodrow Wilson After a policy of neutrality at the outbreak of World War I Wilson led America into war in order to "make the world safe for democracy "

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Meuse Argonne was the principal engagement of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) during World War I It was one of a series of Allied attacks known as the Hundred Days Offensive which brought the war to an end It was the largest and bloodiest operation of World War I for the AEF even if given the scale of other battles on the Western

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572448084 Federal Reserve Act (1913) This act created a central banking system consisting of twelve regional banks governed by the Federal Reserve Board It was an attempt to provide the United States with a sound yet flexible currency The Board it created still plays a vital role in the American economy today

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President Wilson ordered General _____ to lead an American expeditionary force across Mexico in pursuit of Pancho Villa Pershing World War l involved many nations but the chief rivalry was between _____ and Germany

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American statesman from South Carolina Served in the House of Reps Senator and Justice of the Supreme Court as well as Secretary of State and 104th Governor of South Carolina Confidant of President FDR and was one of the most powerful men in American domestic and foreign policy in the mid 1940s

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League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Definition organization created to combat the discrimination that Mexican Americans faced in the United States Southwest