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Top 10 Most Fun Nations in EU4 YouTube

Dec 07 2018 · In this video we will be checking out the most fun and enjoyable nations to play in europa universalis They range from relying on bizarre strategies and mixing many styles of play to forming

Government Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

Republic Main article Republic Republic is a form of government where power is in contrast to a monarchy held by a group of people Republics have republican tradition instead of legitimacy In some republics the ruler rules for life but in others there is an election cycle

Change to republic Europa Universalis IV General Discussions

Aug 13 2013 · Anyone know how to change from monarchies to a republic When I look at the change government button all monarchies can only switch to other monarchies and all republic can only switch to other republics Is there a way to go from monarchy to republic I read that you can get republic tradion low to switch over to the monarchy group but how do you switch over to republic

Favourite Republic eu4 reddit

For the full rules click here Posts must be related to Europa Universalis Just the title of the post being relevant does not qualify No memes image macros reaction pictures or similar Post those in /r/ParadoxExtra No links to pirated materials pirated game mods or key resellers

Europa Universalis IV Paradox Interactive Forums

Europa Universalis IV 71137 EUIV Suggestions 14573 EUIV Technical Support 5109 EUIV FAQ & Strategy Guides 142 EUIV AAR's Let's Plays and Fan Fiction EU IV Alternate History Short Story Contest Contr 26

Republic Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

Republic is a form of government where power is in contrast to a monarchy held by a group of people Republics have republican tradition instead of legitimacy In some republics the ruler rules for life but in others there is an election cycle 1 2 Cultural sufferance 1 3 Republican tradition 1 4 Reverting to monarchy 2 1 Power Structure

Europa Universalis IV (Video Game 2013) IMDb

Aug 13 2013 · Europa Universalis 4 is a grand strategy game in which the player can choose a state from 11 November 1444 and lead it until 1 January 1821 Game includes a realist trade and pre modern war system

best republic to play as eu4 reddit

Welcome to EU4 This is a sub reddit for Europa Universalis IV It is a general subreddit for the Grand Strategy Game from Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis 4

Aachen Europa Universalis 3 Wiki

Aachen is a Free Imperial City in the west of the Holy Roman Empire As a landlocked minor nation close to Burgundy they might not have one of the best chances at success but an advanced form of government and their maxed Plutocracy and Free Subjects policies do give them an edge in technology and trade

Emperor of China Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

The Emperor of China (also EoC) claims the Mandate of Heaven to rule the Middle Kingdom In 1444 Ming starts as the reigning emperor Any nation belonging to either the pagan or eastern religion groups can claim the Mandate if they neighbor the current emperor by declaring war using the "Take Mandate of Heaven" casus belli Aside from the

Revolutionary countries Europa Universalis 3 Wiki

Revolutionary countries are a feature added in Napoleon's Ambition whereby a country changes its form of government to become a Revolutionary Republic The country can later change to a Revolutionary Empire The best known example of a revolutionary country is Revolutionary France which exists in game as a separate country completely though

Best government form in the game eu4

Dutch Republic because the leaders are amazing the events that can happen are great the bonuses you get are fantastic and you can't lose republican tradition from elections Also the leaders that you can elect usually have very very high stats (higher than 3/3/3 usually) so I think they have the best government type

Events for republics Europa Universalis 3 Wiki

Events for republics are MTTH events for countries with a republican form of government There are 5 events for each type of republican government Divine Wind added a sixth event for merchant republics which changes the government to administrative republic if the merchant republic loses its center of trade

Republic of Pirates Wikipedia

The Republic of Pirates was the base or stronghold of a loose confederacy run by privateers turned pirates in Nassau on New Providence island in the Bahamas for about eleven years from 1706 until 1718 Although not a state or republic in a formal sense it was governed by its own informal 'Code of Conduct'

Lanfang Republic Wikipedia

The Republic's citizenry waged a tenacious resistance but ultimately failed due to poor weaponry Lin Ah Sin was the last leader of Lanfang 20 Many of Lanfang's citizens and their descendants made their way to Sumatra or Singapore

Republics Why are they worth it eu4 reddit

Republics Why are they worth it I have always heard and seen people play republics really well always keeping 6 6 6 rulers a common occurence and still not having any issues with tradition However every event in the republic arsenal seems to either have huge detriments for your nation or cause you to lose tradition

EU4 Monarchy vs Republic Comparison Based on Monarch Points

Jul 31 2016 · EU4 Monarchy vs Republic Comparison Based on Monarch Points In Europa Universalis IV there are basically five major types of governments monarchies republics theocracy steppe horde (cossacks DLC) and tribal Here's a map of every nation's government types in the beginning of the game

Republic events Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

Republic's are successful when the important families are ready to put the republic's interest on a par with their own Currently our republican traditions are under pressure and families are putting their own interests ahead of the republics

Best Merchant Republic to play as Europa Universalis IV

Jun 01 2014 · You can also play as Milan they have a event that turns them into a republic when their ruler dies with no heir Its an easy event to get sense their ruler starts out over 50 with no heir at the start of the game

Steam Workshop No Merchant Republic Province Limit

Oct 27 2017 · Steam Workshop Europa Universalis IV Not Ironman Compatible (It is my policy that anyone can use the work I've done here and modify or add it to their own mod and publish it though please note the original source )

So you wanna play a Republic eu4

But the Dutch republic is basically the best government type in the game You have almost permanently 100 Republican Tradition plus you choose between 2 rulers with stats which are way higher than the 4/1/1s you get with regular republics

EU4 Development Diary 16th of July 2019 Paradox

Jul 16 2019 · Hello and welcome to our latest EU4 dev diary Following our dev diary on some of the larger HRE mission trees there were many calls for further ones for the smaller but still interesting nations of Germany We agreed and therefore I am now

Government strategies Europa Universalis 3 Wiki

Noble Republic Combines the good rulers and elections of a Republic with the Royal marriages of monarchies You cannot lead the Holy Roman Empire and the bonus is not useful in most situations though Love it or hate it Constitutional Republic 20% bonus to Production nearly as much as Smithian Economics a National Idea Though it won't

Best goverment type Europa Universalis IV General Discussions

Jul 13 2014 · Still got aristocracy instead of plutocracy (even though you can grab both if you change government type to administrative republic) still got royal marriages to improve relationships (I wonder if you can make PU's with that though) and 1 tolerances & 10% army morale is a neat bonuses to have that are pretty much always good unlike 25%

Any way to become a republic Europa Universalis IV

Jul 20 2014 · I'm looking for a way to become a republic but i can't find any except revolutions Is there any way for it Any DLC that allows any kingdoms to become a republic The last one Res Publica just give a republican dictatorship

Europa Universalis 4 Which country is the most exciting one

Jun 12 2016 · "It's not about the country it's how you use it " Here's how to have fun with several common and uncommon choices 1 England You start off in the 100 Years' War

Switzerland Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

Switzerland has cores on Savoy and the Player should focus to get them as fast as possible If it is not possible on the beginning due to Savoy's allies the best choice is to fabricate a claim on Baden and declare war on them It is good to ally with Milan and OPM countries in HRE like Ulm or Alsace Also The Palatinate is a good opening move