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Context lists can be defined by the set of tools available or by the presence of individuals or groups for whom one has items to discuss or present citation needed Summary GTD is based on storing tracking and retrieving the information related to the things that need to get done

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Aug 12 2008 · This post is part of the periodic "Back to GTD" series designed to help you improve your implementation of David Allen's Getting Things Done As we've noted before GTD contexts lose a lot of their focusing power when either a) most of your work takes place at one context (e g "@computer") or b) you start using contexts more for

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Jul 08 2007 · In the third post in the GTD Back To Basics series we take a look at what contexts are and how they can be used to simplify your organisation of all of those'to do' items you have floating around your task lists and how to decided what your'Next Action' for each task is

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Apr 09 2017 · I mentioned how the concept of contexts are something that delineates the GTD process from other personal productivity disciplines (and variants thereof) The idea of a context is to whittle down your to do list to show what you can be doing with access to certain resources

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Person contexts Person contexts are special words preceded by the @ symbol 1 and they help you include a quick reference to someone from your environment in your actions When you delegate an action to someone you must include it in the Waiting For list and indicate who is the person responsible for the task

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11 Contexts With your project lists in place and your tasks sorted you're now ready to tackle contexts In GTD contexts identify tools places or people that you require to complete a given task In other words contexts allow you to focus on what you can actually get completed given your current circumstances

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Getting Things Done is a productivity methodology described in the book Getting Things Done The Art of Stress Free Productivity by David Allen The methodology is often referred to as GTD In this post I will try to outline the most important aspects of GTD I have added my own personal recommendations and best practices where relevant

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Mar 27 2019 · In that view I use the standard GTD criteria to figure out what to do given my current constrains The first thing I filter on is context and depending on the amount of actions in that list I continue filtering on time available and energy Finally I may filter on showing only work or personal related actions depending on the situation

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Overview A context is one method of breaking down tasks into more managable groups by giving them a label Unlike Tags only one context can be assigned to a task at a time so when deciding on the method to use to seperate the task list the contexts should be mutually exclusive

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May 11 2012 · The Context List concept is probably the most recognizable feature of GTD If a friend family member or coworker possesses file folders (or just about anything for that matter) bearing nicely printed labels such as @Calls or @Shopping it is almost certain that this person uses GTD

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What is Context Context is a Location specific place Context defines where the action can be done or what equipment you need to perform it This is especially useful since you would not be buying milk & bread (another to do) @Work only @Shopping So anything non @Work is not relevant to your context unless you are at a location more appropriate

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Feb 09 2015 · Ever since the book Getting Things Done was released and the notion of separating actions in projects into contexts was first introduced people have been trying to customize and improve the…

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Jul 31 2006 · As we've noted before GTD contexts lose a lot of their focusing power when either a) most of your work takes place at one context (e g "@computer") or b) you start using contexts more for taxonomical labeling than to reflect functional limitations and opportunities As you may have discovered these problems can collide catastrophically for many knowledge workers artists and geeks

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Nov 03 2014 · For those of you who don't follow GTD a context is a time energy level location person or resource limited They also cross between your projects so you could have very different projects (one work related one church one personal) and within each project you have some tasks which require the same resource or you'd do in the same

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The use of contexts is a key element in the GTD methodology A context defines what you need to be able to carry out an action and it can be a place a tool or a person When you assign to each of your actions the context in which it has to be done you make much easier to decide the next action you should be doing

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If you want other sorting or add context you can use Mindjet for Windows (maps) in which you can have a query of the Mindjet Tasks represented as Topics in a mindmap Then you can add markers to those topics and use the filter and marker index to get several overviews of this Mindjet has a webcast on GTD presented by Nick Duffill

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Feb 12 2018 · Hello all I am about 6 weeks into a stab at implementing GTD and so far it has been tremendous Can anyone point me to a resource whether here in the forums or elsewhere (google searching wasn't particularly helpful) that contains actual examples of real GTD lists that people have used

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Getting Things Done (GTD) is one of the most popular productivity systems out there today and with good reason It's a very effective system for clearing your mind of all inputs so you can focus on the things that are truly important which in turn allows you to do your best work and get more done

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Oct 31 2008 · Why GTD Contexts Are More Work Than They're Worth (For Me) Email Marketing Tool says November 13 2008 at 10 36 pm Charlie added an interesting post today on Why GTD Contexts Are More Work Than They’re Worth (For Me)Here's a small readingIt made more sense for me to then recategorize my clean @email list to be sorted by what

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Apr 08 2017 · GTD and Contexts April 8 2017 gtdtips When GTD first hit the scene one of it's concepts that really separated this discipline from other personal productivity management systems (task lists) was the idea of 'contexts'

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Sep 27 2009 · I can select the s ome d ay list and search for all @project's or for @work related items Nowadays when going through untagged GTD items I take a moment and assign the proper contexts and time as I would when setting them as NA

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May 22 2018 · Similarly you may be tempted to create Stacks for GTD contexts such as having a stack for Home and one for Work but before you do read the section below on Saved Searches They offer another solution and while it may not be the one you end up using you certainly want to explore your options

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Dec 26 2016 · I've implemented the GTD methodology on Outlook 2010 (I believe) at work I've set up the contexts fine (as per the user guide available for purchase on this site) and that is working great however it seems to become more cumbersome during the project management and weekly review phase

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Apr 10 2015 · GTD Contexts Proactive vs Reactive I've always struggled with the contexts portion of GTD I've tried tools locations energy levels times of the day mindsets and on and on My problem is knowing when to switch contexts

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May 12 2020 · In this video productivity expert Robert Peake provides a useful insight into how you can stay focused by utilising 'context' lists a key part of the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology