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Fun with GUIDs! powerapps microsoft com

Nov 15 2018 路 All entities within CDS have a GUID primary key field to uniquely identify each record This field usually has the same display name as the entity and the logical name has an Id tacked on the end The data type is Unique Identifier The field is always required and the value is generated by CDS when the record is created For example for the

Get updates from the Flow blog Microsoft Power Automate

Get updates from the Flow blog By Microsoft Whenever there is a new blog post from the Microsoft Flow team you'll get an email notification in your inbox and a push notification sent to your mobile device if you have the Microsoft Flow app installed

Task Automation Microsoft Flow and Smartsheet FMT

Microsoft Flow has number of built in "templates" for Smartsheet to work with You can use "Search Templates" option to find templates for your favorite app Smartsheet in this case It will bring the list of all available built in ready for use templates for Smartsheet app

Azure Sentinel Microsoft Tech Community

Azure Sentinel has integrated Azure Notebooks to allow security analysts to use Jupyter Notebooks to hunt and investigat Deploying and Managing Azure Sentinel as Code Javier Soriano on 01 28 2020 12 28 AM Do you want to learn how to deploy and operate Azure Sentinel as code In this post we explain the end to end process an

Using Dependent Lookups for Dynamics CRM 2013/2015/2016

Mar 15 2016 路 3 people are discussing this now 3 people are discussing this now Have you been looking for a way to filter the available options in one lookup field based upon the value of another lookup field This can be done easily in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 2015 and 2016 without any custom code and in today's blog we will show you how!

Welcome to Microsoft Flow Power Automate Blog

Apr 27 2016 路 I have a flow set up that searches for tweets about Microsoft Flow and saves them into an Excel file that I can review on my own time You can even save tweets to SQL as covered in this blog post Getting files to work I use OneDrvie for Business to store my files but sometimes I want to easily get the files to SharePoint so my colleagues can

Microsoft SharePoint Blog Microsoft Tech Community

Latest monthly summary of SharePoint Development guidance and community activities for SharePoint Online and on premises "External sharing is extra caring" 馃帣 The Intrazone podcast Mark Kashman on 12 03 2019 09 53 AM This episode covers various levels of "extranet" to discover best practices when using and configuring Microsoft

Search Bing News Microsoft Power Automate

Search Bing News By H3 Solutions Quickly pull news articles into Teams using the AtBot Logic bot to query Bing search

Relate records in Many to Many relationships

These new functions do exactly these operations Many to Many relationships appear as a One to Many table on both entities For example Products has a Contacts field that is a table of Contacts for each Product and Contacts has a Products field that is a table of Products for that each Contact Many to Many relationship are symmetric

PowerApps button Microsoft Power Automate

PowerApps button By Microsoft Create one or more actions to happen when a button or link in PowerApps is selected To use this flow from a PowerApp select the control you want to trigger the flow and go to the Action tab in the PowerApps ribbon and select Flows

Microsoft Search Blog Microsoft Tech Community

A visual queue that Microsoft Search is available in your tenant is the move of the search box from the app or service 1 Likes Bill Baer in New Profile Card Customization through Microsoft Graph Beta on 04 04 2020

One to Many Relationships for Canvas apps

Nov 08 2018 路 Drew information from 6 different related entities Walked through multiple Many to One and One to Many relationships In some casee we walked through relationships in series such as the Orders One to Many to 'Order Details' and then Many to One to Products No Filter or Lookup function calls were required No foreign keys were referenced

Intermediate Flow of the Week Sentiment analysis on survey

Last week we created a Flow to track and store survey data with Microsoft Forms and we asked you to help by answering our questions This week we're taking a look at your responses and using Flow to run sentiment analysis on the results using the free Microsoft Cognitive Services sentiment API </p>

Bing Search Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Cognitive Services Bing Search API allows you to search content across the web

What is Microsoft Flow How To Geek

Flow allows you to create "flows" (short for "workflows") that are based on trigger events For example you could create a flow that would download the responses to a Microsoft Forms questionnaire to Dropbox regularly or post a message in a Slack channel if a Visual Studio build fails

Power Automate Blog flow microsoft com

Apr 02 2020 路 Announcing general availability of robotic process automation in Microsoft Power Automate Stephen Siciliano Partner PM Director Power Automate Thursday April 2 2020 Today we're announcing the robotic process automation (RPA) capability in Microsoft Power Automate called UI flows will now be generally available

Microsoft 365 is the smartest place to store your content

Aug 28 2018 路 In the modern workplace rising expectations to innovate and improve productivity are putting pressure on employees to do more in less time The world's most successful organizations are addressing this by adopting new ways of working that leverage Microsoft 365 with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint to manage and collaborate on content

Browse Templates Microsoft Power Automate

Everything you can automate using Microsoft Power Automate Save time by automating everyday tasks

Connectors Overview Microsoft Docs

Dec 02 2019 路 With Microsoft Graph connectors your organization can index third party data to appear in Microsoft Search results The third party data can be hosted on premises or in the public or private clouds Connectors expand the types of content sources that are searchable in your Microsoft 365 productivity apps and the broader Microsoft ecosystem

Twitter Microsoft Power Automate us flow microsoft com

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and receive short messages called 'tweets' Connect to Twitter to manage your tweets You can perform various actions such as send tweet search view followers etc See documentation No related templates found

Search Twitter Microsoft Power Automate

Search Twitter By H3 Solutions Bring twitter search results into Teams easily by using the AtBot Logic bot

Beginner Flow of the Week Stay Up To flow microsoft com

Jun 27 2018 路 In this post I'm going to have a look at creating a flow for this There are three parts of this flow 1 Get the news article feed 2 Create an approval step 3 Send out a tweet with details from the news articles Get the news article feeds To get my news articles I'm going to use the bbc news rss feed

Introducing the Microsoft Flow Community Blog Power

May 15 2017 路 The Microsoft Flow Community was created as a place for Flow users to learn and interact together and so today we're happy to announce the official launch of our latest feature the Flow Community Blog The blog is your platform to share knowledge with peers industry experts and us here at Microsoft

Browse Templates Microsoft Power Automate

PowerApps button Used 202099 times Start approval when a new item is added Used 182895 times Get a push notification when you receive an email from your boss Used 178356 times Send a customized email when a new SharePoint list item is added Used 142371 times Send a customized email when a new file is added Used 123034 times

Search the audit log in the Security & Compliance Center

Apr 24 2020 路 These activities include creating editing and deleting flows and changing flow permissions For information about auditing for Power Automate activities see the blog Microsoft Flow audit events now available in Security & Compliance Center Microsoft Power Apps activities You can search the audit log for app related activities in Power Apps

Using Microsoft Flow to Search Bing News blog ucomsgeek com

Aug 30 2017 路 If you haven't setup Bing News before Microsoft Flow will prompt you to setup a connection to Azure Cognitive Services for Bing Search This is where that Access keys come into play Give the connection a name

Extract data from documents with Microsoft Flow Power

To enable invoice reporting tracking and related activities we have a requirement to extract data from each invoice and add as metadata to the document The SharePoint library is configured as follows Lets create the Flow; 1 Create a new Flow using the 'Automated from blank' option 2