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simple past tense and past participle of rework··worked again

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The buttonholes had also frayed out and these had to be reworked If a point is reworked into a tool it is still classified as a point With the purpose of making that his meaning he reworked his material Early placers may be reworked and further concentrated by renewal of the proper erosional and transportational conditions

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Find out information about reworked Any geologic material that has been removed or displaced by natural agents from its origin and incorporated in a younger formation Explanation of reworked Reworked Article about reworked by The Free Dictionary

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Jul 11 2006 · What Does 'Refining a Search' Mean When you refine a search you are attempting to obtain better results than you obtained on an earlier search If you are interested in the impact of television on violent behavior for instance you might begin a search with the keywords television and violence

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rework 1 Correcting of defective failed or non conforming item during or after inspection Rework includes all follow on efforts such as disassembly repair replacement reassembly etc

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Define searches searches synonyms searches pronunciation searches translation English dictionary definition of searches ) v searched search·ing search·es v tr 1 To move around in go through or look through in an effort to find something searched the room for her

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reworked definition 1 past simple and past participle of rework 2 to change a speech or a piece of writing in order… Learn more

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16 synonyms of reworked from the Merriam Webster Thesaurus plus 40 related words definitions and antonyms Find another word for reworked Reworked to make different in some way

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Rework definition is to work again or anew such as How to use rework in a sentence to work again or anew such as; revise; to reprocess (something such as used material) for further use…

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American definition and synonyms of rework from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education This is the American English definition of rework View British English definition of rework Change your default dictionary to British English View the pronunciation for rework

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Dictionary entry overview What does related mean • RELATED (adjective) The adjective RELATED has 2 senses 1 being connected either logically or causally or by shared characteristics 2 connected by kinship common origin or marriage Familiarity information RELATED used as an adjective is rare

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Just to cite an official definition from the CEFIC pdf Reprocessing is the treatment of a batch or sub batch of materials of unacceptable quality by repeating the same process steps from a defined stage of production so that its quality may be made acceptable

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Rework definition to work or form again to rework gold See more

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Synonyms for reworked include changed altered modified adjusted amended edited molded redesigned revamped and revised Find more similar words at wordhippo com!

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Define reworked reworked synonyms reworked pronunciation reworked translation English dictionary definition of reworked tr v re·worked re·work·ing re·works 1 To work over again; revise 2 To subject to a repeated or new process n Something reworked just a rework of

rework Wiktionary

Mar 01 2020 · rework (third person singular simple present reworks present participle reworking simple past and past participle reworked or (rare) rewrought) To redo correct or rebuild You'll have to rework the crank assembly to incorporate the changes

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Definition Rework vs Repair ISO 13485 definition

Dec 30 2008 · Re Definition of Rework Vs Repair ISO 13485 I don't know if this helps but 8 3 3 of ISO/TR 14969 2004 (Guidance on the application of 13485) offers the following "Correction" refers to repair rework or adjustment and relates to the disposition of an existing nonconformity whereas the "Corrective Action" relates to the elimination of the

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It would be reworked from the shoulders up the entire head neck and shoulders not just the face Environment Minister Carole Dieschbourg For Luxembourg it's a major reform we had hoped to finish the report before summer but it has to be reworked It is not a decision to make before Paris Erin Ranahan

At Paris Fashion Week designers reworked the tuxedo and

Mar 03 2020 · Search Input Sections Sections designers reworked the tuxedo and explored the meaning of color And oh yeah Kanye showed up to perform the previous day was not directly related to the

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Definition of rework in the AudioEnglish org Dictionary Meaning of rework reworked ing form reworking REWORK related words searches

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rework definition 1 to change a speech or a piece of writing in order to improve it or make it more suitable for a… Learn more

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Rework definition If you rework something such as an idea or a piece of writing you reorganize it and make Meaning pronunciation translations and examples