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Venetian nationalism Wikipedia

Venetian nationalism (also Venetism from the Venetian / Italian name venetismo) is a nationalist but primarily regionalist movement active in Veneto Italy as well as in other parts of the former Republic of Venice It promotes the rediscovery of the Republic of Venice's heritage traditions culture and language and demanding more

Venetian events Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

Since the capture of Constantinople by the Turks on May 29th 1453 Venice had seen its commercial positions in the Black Sea deteriorate Numerous wars had been fought between 1456 and 1490 pitching the Republic against the Ottomans with the consequence of Venice losing more pieces of her commercial empire (inherited from the 4th Crusade in 1204) in the Aegean Sea and in Greece (Athens in

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My issue is this the title of its highest ruler was "rector" and it did have many similarities to the Republic of Venice being one of its rivals The culture in Ragusa in EU4 is listed as Croatian But it was formed as a dalmatian romance city state with Latin or Venetian as its official language Latin (1358 1492) and Venetian (1492 1807

Barnabotti Wikipedia

The Barnabotti were a class of impoverished nobility found in the Venetian Republic towards the end of the Republican period The term Barnabotti derives form the fact that the group met and lived in the zone of the Campo San Barnaba

Government Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

Republic is a form of government where power is in contrast to a monarchy held by a group of people Republics have republican tradition instead of legitimacy In some republics the ruler rules for life but in others there is an election cycle Main article Theocracy Theocracy is a form of government where power is held by the religious

History Summarized The Republic of Venice (Ft Suibhne

Nov 24 2018 · History Summarized The Republic of Venice (Ft Suibhne!) highway of the Mediterranean Sea led to Venice Join Blue (and special guest Suibhne) to discover why Venice came to be how they came

Any tips for someone new to republics eu4

As a republic the (Revolution & Counter Revolution Permanent CB against other Government Types) diplomatic idea group idea is more powerful than usual Merchant republics like Venice and Hansa do well with large empires

Venice The Serene Republic Europa Universalis IV YouTube

Dec 19 2016 · This stream will attempt to acquire the highest end game score with Venice while keeping it a Merchant Republic

How to Change a Republic to Monarchy YouTube

Jan 16 2017 · If you want royal marriages and don't like elections here is a guide how to go for it

Venice and the question of staying a Republic eu4

Venice and the question of staying a Republic Hi! I am currently playing an ironman game with Venice and it is going fairly well (it's 1530 I am almost done removing kebab and Mamluks although I still didn't even reach Persia I am slow on this front)

History Summarized Venice 1 (Better Version In Description

May 26 2016 · History Summarized Venice 1 (Better Version In Description) the history of Venice This is the first in a (probably) three part series on Venice but be sure to leave a historical topic

Republic of Venice Wikipedia

The republic was ruled by the Doge who was elected by members of the Great Council of Venice the city state's parliament The ruling class was an oligarchy of merchants and aristocrats Venice and other Italian maritime republics played a key role in fostering capitalism Venetian citizens generally supported the system of governance The

Administration MeiouAndTaxes Wikia Fandom

Cmushi great job collecting so much info This one article is getting too long however if you'd break up the major categories into articles of their own For example the list of advisors should have it's own page as that's rather specific info Also topics like centralization could even should be briefly explained in this sort of topic overview article but the nitty gritty should be put

Economic strategy Europa Universalis 3 Wiki

Venice and Hansa also have decisions that enhance economy and have unique missions related to trade They can also create Germany (Hansa) or Italy (Venice Genoa) with a relative ease giving a bonus to centralization However they start highly mercantilistic which will hurt trade elsewhere in the world

Skanderbeg Wikipedia

Skanderbeg seeing his fleeing adversaries ordered a full scale offensive routing the entire Venetian army The Republic's soldiers were chased right to the gates of Scutari and Venetian prisoners were thereafter paraded outside the fortress The Albanians managed to inflict 2 500 casualties on the Venetian force capturing 1 000 Skanderbeg

Venice Republic or Monarchy Europa Universalis IV

Never really done a venice game I figured they would be a good pick for trying to form the roman empire simply due to geography Anyways simple question do I stay as a republic or try to flip to a monarchy

Siege of Candia Wikipedia

Venice Republic Renaissance 1645 69 The war of Candia by Marco Antonio Bragadin The Cretan War 1645 1669 by Chrysoula Tzompanaki (in Greek) This article includes a list of references related reading or external links but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations

Let's Play EU4 RoM Voracious Venice 28 YouTube

Nov 17 2016 · Rights of Man (the newly released expansion to Europa Universalis IV) includes some pretty interesting mechanics that can really impact merchant republics The biggest of these is the ability to

Milan Europa Universalis 3 Wiki

In 1399 Milan starts with 7 provinces—5 around Lombardia (the capital) and 2 further south (cut off by Modena) Both the current king and heir are 5/5/5 Both the current king and heir are 5/5/5 Milan is a member of the HRE and when the game starts the 2 cut off provinces (Siena and Pisa) are both unlawful imperial territories

Venice Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

The Most Serene Republic of Venice is a merchant republic and a dominant trade power in the Mediterranean As a merchant republic it gets one more merchant compared to other nations but it faces issues with reduced republican tradition if it expands to own too many state provinces For this reason having a vassal to feed low value provinces

Venetian Interdict Wikipedia

The Venetian Interdict of 1606 and 1607 was the expression in terms of canon law by means of a papal interdict of a diplomatic quarrel and confrontation between the Papal Curia and the Republic of Venice taking place in the period from 1605 to 1607

Favourite Republic eu4 reddit

3) Whats your favourite nation to play as and then convert to a republic I ask this mostly out of curiosity but since trying a Novgobear game ive waned away from the notion of the Noble Republic being the best due to the possible yearly republican tradition gain of 1 0 5 0 5 0 2 0 2 from base Power Projection Ideas and then two policies

Venetian language Wikipedia

Venetian or Venetan (łéngoa vèneta or vèneto) is a Romance language spoken as a native language by Venetians almost four million people in the northeast of Italy mostly in the Veneto region of Italy where most of the five million inhabitants can understand it centered in and around Venice which carries the prestige dialect

Permanent modifiers Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

From Europa Universalis 4 Wiki This is a manually compiled list of permanent modifiers Expansion of the Great Council of Venice

The Republic of Venice and all of its holdings 1821 eu4

This was actually a pretty fun game and much harder than I thought I lucked out by having good relations with a blobby France for most of the game as well as the Commonwealth which helped me fight a few successful wars against the Ottomans and keep Spain/Portugal at bay

Republic Europa Universalis 4 Wiki

Republic is a form of government where power is in contrast to a monarchy held by a group of people Republics have republican tradition instead of legitimacy In some republics the ruler rules for life but in others there is an election cycle 1 2 Cultural sufferance 1 3 Republican tradition 1 4 Reverting to monarchy 2 1 Power Structure

Republic and how to change to one Paradox Interactive Forums

Jan 10 2017 · Hello everyone first off all I haven't played EU4 for some time I think 1 5 years so I don't know lot's of the changes I've been searching the entire internet somehow the eu4wiki doesn't work anymore and most topics on reddit or here that I

EU4 Development Diary 28th of May 2019 Paradox

May 28 2019 · Florence was still technically a republic and a commune at the start of EU4's timeframe but it was a republic already strongly dominated by the House of Medici The Medici reigned in Florence for centuries playing a role in its transformation from a republic to a duchy and then into the Grand Duchy of Tuscany

best republic to play as eu4 reddit

Welcome to EU4 This is a sub reddit for Europa Universalis IV It is a general subreddit for the Grand Strategy Game from Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis 4