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The 5 Components of Psychological First Aid

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According to the NC PTSD psychological first aid is an evidence informed modular approach for assisting people in the immediate aftermath of disaster and terrorism to reduce initial distress and to foster short and long term adaptive functioning It was used by non mental health experts such as responders and volunteers


•NOT Psychological debriefing •NOT obtaining details of traumatic experiences •NOT treating •NOT labeling or diagnosing •NOT counseling •NOT something that only professionals can do 16 Psychological First Aid is…


Psychological First Aid is an intervention strategy that can be woven into the basic disaster response mechanisms for MRC units Who is Psychological First Aid For Psychological First Aid intervention strategies are intended for use with children adolescents parents/caretakers families and adults


Psychological First Aid emphasizes developmentally and culturally appropriate interventions for survivors of various ages and backgrounds Psychological First Aid includes handouts that provide important information for youth adults and families for their use over the course of recovery

Introduction and Overview Psychological First Aid (PFA)

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Mental health and other disaster response workers may be called upon to provide Psychological First Aid in general population shelters special needs shelters field hospitals and medical triage areas acute care facilities (e g Emergency Departments) staging areas or respite centers for first responders or other relief workers emergency

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The eight core components of psychological first aid are 158 • Engaging the affected person using a non intrusive compassionate and helpful approach • Ensuring immediate and ongoing safety and providing physical and emotional comfort • Stabilizing the overwhelmed distressed patient with reassurance and containment

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The modified PFA guide was titled Psychological First Aid Field Operations Guide for Nursing Homes (PFA Guide) Next the modified PFA Guide was reviewed by a multidisciplinary team that was comprised of a social worker nurse CNA and administrator who worked at a NH facility

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The 5 Components of a Crisis 1 Hazardous Event 2 Vulnerable State 3 Precipitating Factor 4 Active Crisis State 5 Reintegration Psychological First Aid 2

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Support based on the psychological first aid principles in people recently exposed to a traumatic event 2 Search strategy A review was commissioned (Bisson & Lewis 2009) Using the search terms 'psychological first aid' and 'PFA' the 16 widely used online bibliographic databases listed in the Table were searched

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Psychological First Aid is an evidence informed1 modular approach to help elderly persons and persons with disabilities in nursing homes other adults families adolescents and children in the immediate aftermath of disaster and terrorism Psychological First Aid is designed to reduce the initial distress caused by traumatic events

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Mar 21 2018 · Psychological First Aid(PFA) is a training that aims to help people affected by an emergency disaster or traumatic event and it includes basic principles of support to promote recovery both physically and mentally

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Learn Psychological First Aid from Johns Hopkins University Learn to provide psychological first aid to people in an emergency by employing the RAPID model Reflective listening Assessment of needs Prioritization Intervention and

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PFA Mobile is a fully 508 compliant smartphone application for mobile Apple products The app is designed to assist responders who provide Psychological First Aid (PFA) to adults families and children as part of an organized response effort

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Aug 08 2016 · Other widely recognized models include Psychological First Aid Mental Health First Aid and Stress First Aid Roberts' Seven Stage Crisis Intervention Model Roberts identifies seven critical stages that clients typically pass on the road to crisis stabilization resolution and mastery 1

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This guide covers psychological first aid which involves humane supportive and practical help to fellow human beings suffering serious crisis events It is written for people in a position to help others who have experienced an extremely distressing event It gives a framework for supporting people in ways that respect their dignity culture

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Jot down five words that describe your feelings about the pandemic its impact on you and your household There are things you can do to help yourself and the other members of your household Consider the 5 Components of Psychological First Aid • Create a Sense of Safety • Create Calm • Create Self and Collective Help Mechanisms

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Psychological first aid (PFA) has been recommended or endorsed by the World Health Organization the Institute of Medicine the National Institute of Mental Health the American Red Cross the International Red Crescent the American Psychological Association the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Psychiatric Association

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There are five basic elements to psychological first aid that have been drawn from research on risk and resilience field experience and expert agreement1 The elements of psychological first aid are to promote • safety • calm • connectedness • self efficacy and group efficacy • hope

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The key components of PFA described by NATO IASC and a joint UK USA group of experts 12 are listed alongside each other in Table 1 Table 1 Components of Psychological First Aid

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Psychological First Aid (PFA) and Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR) are promising practices for disaster behavioral health response and recovery Both PFA and SPR were developed by the National Center for PTSD and the National Child Traumatic Stress Network as well as other individuals involved in coordinating and participating in disaster response and recovery

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12 Psychological First Aid Core principles Psychological first aid is not prescriptive However there are basic elements to providing psychological first aid that have been drawn from the literature on risk and resilience research field experience and expert agreement9 The core principles of psychological first aid are to promote • safety

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The aim of psychological first aid 17 Five elements of psychosocial support 18 Providing psychological first aid 22 • Has an underlying psychological disorder

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rams in psychological first aid (PFA) for public health professionals This report describes our approach named RAPID PFA and summarizes training evaluation data to determine if relevant knowledge skills and attitudes are imparted to trainees to support effective PFA delivery Background/Rationale In the wake of disasters there is an increase in psychological distress and dysfunction

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Aug 02 2013 · Rapid adoption and proliferation of psychological first aid "Psychological first aid" was first introduced conceptually in the mid Twentieth Century; 1 3 in the post 9/11 era psychological first aid has emerged as a mainstay for early psychological intervention with survivors of disasters and extreme events 4 10 Dating from the 2001 National Institute on Mental Health conference on mass

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Psychological First Aid When a crisis or a disaster strikes the burden of psychological distress will far outlast the physical injuries THE CHALLENGE In a crisis situation whether in the home or in the community approximately 25% of those involved will need some level of emergency psychological care

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•Understand what Psychological First Aid (PFA) is and is not •Understand the ways that Pandemic like COVID 19 can affect us •Understand the 7 key components of effective PFA •Feel able to deliver PFA support to others •Adapt PFA to the needs of particularly vulnerable groups of people

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But this is not enough we should be able help all wounded providers and eliminate barriers to the seamless provision of psychological support Psychological first aid (PFA) may be the answer Originally developed in the 1950s and used primarily in developing countries after crisis events PFA is easily adapted and applied to hospital settings

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The 5 Components of Psychological First Aid Wilderness First Responders need to know how to treat physical wounds But it's also important to keep a patient's mental health in mind

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May 22 2017 · The 5 Components of Psychological First Aid 1 Create a Sense of Safety 2 Create Calm 3 Create Self and Collective Efficacy 4 Create Connection 5 Create Hope