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Feb 04 2010 · In King Vidor's THE CHAMP (1931) the director began experimenting with the new freedoms that the era of sound had brought into filmmaking In the silent era cameras had become gloriously mobile

The Big Parade King Vidor • Film Analysis Senses of Cinema

The Big Parade is a film of ambivalence and contradiction Touching in its narrative of an individual caught in circumstances beyond his control and trapped by conventional ideology that cannot allow an alternative picture of World War I it is nevertheless an accomplished film

World Cinema Review King Vidor The Crowd

Jul 19 2017 · King Vidor and John V A Weaver (screenplay based on a story by King Vidor and Harry Behn; titles by Joseph Farnham) King Vidor (director) The Crowd / 1928 Film director King Vidor was always been better in establishing his visual scenes and creating locale than he was delivering fully developed stories

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King Vidor quoted in "King Vidor Discusses Motion Pictures His New Film is Built Like a Play " New York Times May 22 1927 X5 In 1920 one year before John sets sail for New York the Census reported that for the first time more than fifty percent of people in the U S lived in "urban" rather than "rural" environments

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Vidor's is an unusually intuitive talent less grounded than most in theory The classics of his humanistic museum period The Big Parade The Crowd Hallelujah are no less uneven or more impressive than the classics of his delirious modern period Duel in the Sun The Fountainhead Ruby Gentry " Andrew Sarris (The American Cinema 1968)

The Crowd King Vidor • Film Analysis • Senses of Cinema

The Crowd (1928) was both a groundbreaking and courageous film for a major director to initiate at MGM in the pre Depression era a big budget production without major stars almost plotless lacking in dramatic conflict and about an ordinary couple struggling for a life in the big city after a brief courtship and a honeymoon at Niagara Falls Lead character John Sims' ambition at once foolish but necessary sustains him through his dreary routine as one of the mob on the office

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Overview of The Crowd 1928 directed by King Vidor with Eleanor Boardman James Murray Bert Roach at Turner Classic Movies

Ezra Haber Glenn Introduces King Vidor's "The Crowd

Sep 12 2018 · The Crowd came out in 1928 directed by King Vidor For starters that is actually his real name Vidor grew up in Galveston Texas As a young boy he survived the Galveston Storm a major hurricane that devastated the city still listed as the deadliest natural disaster in the nation's history

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King Vidor presents a problem for those critics who like to herd directors into the convenient pens that auteur theory has so solidly erected Unusually eclectic he flitted from the sober realism of Street Scene (1931) to the lurid melodramatics of Duel In The Sun (1946) via the women's picture Stella Dallas (1937)

The Elements of Cinema King Vidor's "The Crowd" Urban Film

Jul 30 2018 · In July UrbanFilm's Ezra Haber Glenn presented an old favorite King Vidor's "The Crowd " as part of the Brattle Theatre's Elements of Cinema series It's a hard film to categorize it combines aspects city symphony silent comedy melodrama epic genres and a sort of nascent proto neorealism

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The Crowd American silent film classic released in 1928 featuring the struggles of a young couple amid the callousness of modern big city life The story centres on Johnny Sims (played by James Murray) an idealistic young man who moves with his new wife Mary (Eleanor Boardman) to a major

King Vidor's THE CROWD The Making of a Silent Classic Young

Aug 19 2014 · Director King Vidor's 1928 silent masterpiece The Crowd has long been regarded as one of the most enduring and important of all American films and film historian Jordon Young has finally filled a longstanding gap in cinema scholarship with this excellent and detailed book the first devoted to the film

‎Billy the Kid (1930) directed by King Vidor • Reviews film

Billy the Kid as a hero with King Vidor taking great big liberties with the legend of the outlaw So big that they felt they had to announced it in the prologue of the movie! The film suffers from uneven slow pacing like so many movies of the early sound era

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The Crowd (1928) Not Rated 1h 38min Drama Romance 3 March 1928 (USA) The life of a man and woman together in a large impersonal metropolis through their hopes struggles and downfalls

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As was the case with every film project that he cared deeply about filmmaker King Vidor had to fight long and hard with his studio bosses to get The Crowd produced Though Vidor's parent studio

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The Crowd is a 1928 American silent film directed by King Vidor and starring James Murray Eleanor Boardman and Bert Roach The film is an influential and acclaimed feature which was nominated at the very first Academy Award presentation in 1929 for several awards including Unique and Artistic Production for MGM and Best Director for Vidor

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Ezra Haber Glenn Introduces King Vidor's "The Crowd" Editor's note On July 30 2018 Ezra Haber Glenn lecturer in Community Development and the Undergraduate Chair in MIT's Department of Urban Studies & Planning introduced The Crowd part of the Brattle's Elements of Cinema program

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Enter King Vidor In 1928 Vidor gave us The Crowd which is one of the silent era's most sparkling jewels It is a film about being swallowed up by the sound and fury of everyday life It is a film about the absurd truth of existing But it is also film about mattering About standing out About finding yourself In the crowd It is a film about real life

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King Vidor made this film to be an artistic achievement even recruiting unknown actor James Murray a member of "the crowd" you might say to play the male lead all with MGM approval Murray plays John Sims a representative everyman who all through life up to the end of the film thinks he is going to beat "the crowd" and be somebody

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The Big Parade was a huge and deserved success and Thalberg gave Vidor full leeway to make The Crowd (1928) probably the cinema's most pitiless study of a born loser and an anomaly in this director's work it was his favourite film and it stands as his darkest insight into life

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He was nominated five times for a Best Director Oscar and won eight international film awards during his career Vidor's best known films include The Big Parade (1925) The Crowd (1928) Stella Dallas (1937) and Duel in the Sun (1946) Contrary to common belief he is not related to fellow director Charles Vidor

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The Crowd (1928) is a genuine immortal timeless American silent film masterpiece from director King Vidor whose earlier big WWI epic The Big Parade (1925) had been a major box office hit for MGM studios It was shepherded by MGM's "Boy Wonder" producer Irving Thalberg although studio head Louis B Mayer hated the film

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Since becoming a filmmaker Vidor had always aspired to make meaningful films On the occasion of the opening of Vidor Village in 1920 a First National production entity he took out an advertisement listing his six point manifesto in which he vowed to make "only those pictures founded upon principles of right" But he also had experience in comedy having directed his former wife Florence Arto in comedies and later two starring comedienne Laurette Taylor and written by her

The King of Contradictions KING VIDOR Los Angeles Times

The title is by design touched with irony overtones and undertones a subtext in hand before we have even begun For King Vidor was indubitably American a pioneering film maker out of

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King Vidor was born at the same time as cinema (1894) and along with other pioneers in cinema he shared the feeling that reality was itching to get captured by somebody Action preceded informed and determined thought One had to move be where things are happening in order to film And if the

The Fountainhead King Vidor • Film Analysis Senses of Cinema

Vidor's stylistic choices were crucial to the film's overall impact The menacing atmosphere of The Fountainhead is achieved by "borrowing film noir's angles and darkness its paranoia its focus on a beleaguered or tormented individual In that sense the film noir is anti populist Every man walks alone down dark mean streets "