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The Word quot Device quot in Example Sentences

How to Use Device with Example Sentences Collocation

Listen to all All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives " That is a clever device (clever useful complex simple high tech) " Her phone is a hand held device

Differences Between the Words 'Device' and 'Devise'

However device and devise are two different parts of speech Definitions The noun device means an object a gadget or a piece of equipment made for some special purpose

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Word prediction tools that make suggestions tailored to specific topics For instance the words used in a history paper will differ a lot from those in a science report To make suggestions more accurate kids can pick special dictionaries for what they're writing about Tools that display word suggestions in example sentences

What is an example of a sentence with the word 'euphemism

Jun 05 2017 · Pretty good sentences from sentencedict com enjoy them 1 'Senior citizen' is a euphemism for 'old person' 2 'User fees' is just a politician's euphemism for taxes

Appliance Definition of Appliance at Dictionary com

Appliance definition an instrument apparatus or device for a particular purpose or use See more

use device in a sentence device example sentences how to

use "device" in a sentence The device has applications beyond helping the blind to read too The device is similar to a laptop but operates more like a tablet The device turns itself off so the machine won't completely crash Likewise it means that developers and device makers can innovate

Use devices in a sentence devices sentence examples

The word is also applied to many mechanical devices by which raw material is transformed into a condition ready for use or into a stage preparatory to other processes e g 0 By various devices the labourer would then be kept constantly in debt to his employer and be held in involuntary servitude for an indefinite time

Use device in a sentence device sentence examples

One genus of Thomisidae (Phognarachne) which inhabits the Oriental region adopts the clever device of spinning on the surface of a leaf a sheet of web resembling the fluid portions of a splash of bird's dung the more solid central portions being represented by the spider itself which waits in the middle of the patch to seize the butterflies or other insects that habitually feed on birds' excrement and are attracted to the patch mistaking it for their natural food

Device Definition of Device by Merriam Webster

Examples of device in a Sentence The store sells TVs VCRs and other electronic devices agreeing to dismantle all nuclear devices a useful mnemonic device for remembering the names of the planets The company's method of tracking expenses is just a device to make it seem more profitable

use device in a sentence make example sentences of the word

Someone once joked that an alarm clock is a device for awakening people who don't have small children Discussion question Television is a device which makes people lazy and stupid Example sentences with the device a sentence example for device and how to make device in sample sentence

The Word "Device" in Example Sentences

English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Device" in Example Sentences Each page has up to 50 sentences Sentences with audio are listed first

Device dictionary definition device defined

device definition The definition of a device is a tool or technique used to do a task (noun) An example of a device is a telephone for the hearing impaired An example of device is a literary tool like personification

use devise in a sentence devise example sentences how to

English words and Examples of Usage use "devise" in a sentence The simple solution is to devise a method to control the location of your car keys

Megaphone Definition of Megaphone by Merriam Webster

Megaphone definition is a cone shaped device used to intensify or direct the voice

Tap Definition for English Language Learners from Merriam

more examples hide examples Example sentences Hide examples 2 object to make liquid flow from something by attaching a special device (called a spigot or tap) making or opening a hole etc

Offload Definition of Offload at Dictionary com

Offload definition to unload See more from a computer or other digital device to another digital device Example sentences from the Web for offload

use device in a sentence device example sentences how to

My sister in law is diabetic and she wears a special device now that acts to keep her sugar levels constant Only first 15 results shown Academic English Words List and Example Sentences Example sentences with the device a sentence example for device and how to make device in sample sentence how do I use the word devicein a sentence

The Word "Device" in Example Sentences Page 1

CK 931509 This heating device uses oil as fuel FeuDRenais 301798 He likes to take electric devices apart CK 309559 Her kitchen is equipped with labor saving devices CM 1412062 A GPS device can pinpoint your location anywhere in the world darinmex 3148352 The terrorists said a nuclear device was set to go off sometime tomorrow in Boston CK

function word in a sentence Sentence examples by Cambridge

It is the status of a word as a function word in one case and as a morpheme in an inflectional ending in another case that has been examined From Cambridge English Corpus If we compare deletion rates of these subclasses to phonologically similar words the deletion rate of the function word subclasses is much higher than that of comparable words

Driver dictionary definition driver defined

driver definition 1 a person who drives; specif 2 one who drives an automobile team of horses etc 3 one who herds cattle 4 a thing that drives; specif 5

Devise in a sentence Answers

How do you use device and devise in a sentence The computer is an electrical device The cat and the mouse worked together to devise a cunning plan to steal the dog's food

Interlock livingwordexamples com

interlock is a 9 letter word used as a noun or as a verb a compound word and has the letters ceiklnort (ceiklnort) Starts with i ends with k six consonants three vowels and three syllables Learn how to use the easiest words finder here 35 Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word interlock

device driver Example sentences

Device driver is in our corpus but we don't have a definition yet These example sentences show you how device driver is used These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or

What is a sentence using the word device Answers

Asked in Sentence and Word Structure Example Sentences Can you write a sentence using the word durability The durability of an electronic device is closely related to the care provided by its

How to Use "Install" with Example Sentences

Learn how to use Install using many example sentences Learn collocations of Install with free vocabulary lessons

Examples of "write the word ""race"" in upper case" SpanishDict

We do not have example sentences for "write the word ""race"" in upper case" Please check your spelling or try searching for similar words or phrases Click here to see a translation instead

Use Device in a sentence Device example sentences

How to use the word 'Device' in sentences Here you can find Device example sentences

What are some sentence examples using the word 'malfunction

Aug 05 2016 · Sentecnes from sentencedict com hope can help you 1 Results have been delayed owing to a malfunction in the computer 2 The test results show that the misfire malfunction simulation device can run reliably and have an apparent influence on the

Device Definition for English Language Learners from

The company's method of tracking expenses is just a device to make it seem more profitable more examples hide examples Example sentences Hide examples 4

English Literary Device Sentence Examples Flashcards Quizlet

English Literary Device Sentence Examples 37 Terms kgadowsky TEACHER Biology Chapter 10/11 Quiz/Test 59 Terms Isabella_Doyle19; Subjects Arts and Humanities