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What does batter mean

Battered definition of battered by The Free Dictionary

Define battered battered synonyms battered pronunciation battered translation English dictionary definition of battered v bat·tered bat·ter·ing bat·ters v tr 1 a To hit heavily and repeatedly with violent blows See Synonyms at beat b To subject to repeated

Batter (walls) Wikipedia

In architecture batter is a receding slope of a wall structure or earthwork A wall sloping in the opposite direction is said to overhang

How Long Does Battery Reconditioning Take Common Factors

Battery type One of the most common factors that affects the length of time for a battery to be reconditioned is the type of the battery because the number of procedures involved in the reconditioning process varies depending on the battery type

Badder/Batter/Budder Definition & Information Weedmaps

Badder/batter and budder are terms used to describe the appearance texture and consistency of an extract The appearance ranges from a greenish brown to a buttery gold Badders and budders produced from high quality cannabis are bright blond and express potent but smooth flavors People choose to dab budder to taste emphasized terpene flavors

Batter (cooking) Wikipedia

Batter is thin dough that can be easily poured into a pan Batter is used mainly for pancakes light cakes and as a coating for fried foods The word batter comes from the French word battre which means to beat as many batters require vigorous beating or whisking in their preparation

BATTER meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

batter definition 1 to hit and behave violently towards a person especially a woman or child repeatedly over a… Learn more

Batter up Idioms by The Free Dictionary

1 verb To harm or damage someone or something A noun or pronoun can be used between "batter" and "up " That accident battered up the door of my car I think that kid will listen to us if we batter him up a bit and scare him

Battery legal definition of battery

Battery is both a tort and a crime Its essential element harmful or offensive contact is the same in both areas of the law The main distinction between the two categories lies in the penalty imposed A defendant sued for a tort is civilly liable to the plaintiff for damages The punishment for criminal battery is a fine imprisonment or

Batter Definition of Batter at Dictionary com

SEE SYNONYMS FOR batter ON THESAURUS COM verb (used with object) to beat persistently or hard; pound repeatedly to damage by beating or hard usage Rough roads had battered the car

Battered Definition of Battered at Dictionary com

verb (used with object) to beat persistently or hard; pound repeatedly to damage by beating or hard usage Rough roads had battered the car High winds were battering the coast

Batting order (baseball) Wikipedia

The batting order is the main component of a team's offensive strategy In Major League Baseball the batting order is set by the manager who before the game begins must present the home plate umpire with two copies of his team's lineup card a card on which a team's starting batting order is recorded The home plate umpire keeps one copy of

What does batter mean definitions

Batter is a semi liquid mixture of one or more grains used to prepare various foods Many batters are made by combining dry flours with liquids such as water milk or eggs; batters can also be made by soaking grains in water and grinding them wet

Batter Definition of Batter by Merriam Webster

Batter definition is to beat with successive blows so as to bruise shatter or demolish How to use batter in a sentence Synonym Discussion of batter

batter Dictionary Definition Vocabulary com

To batter is to beat repeatedly as if one boxer were clobbering another with blows Batter is one of those words with many meanings that seem entirely unrelated to each other You can batter by hitting again and again but there's also a batter in baseball — the guy who's holding a bat and waiting for the pitcher to throw the ball

What Does mAh mean for Batteries Tech Junkie

Aug 01 2018 · What does mAh mean When you see 'mAh' on the side of a battery you're looking at a small battery Larger batteries are measured in Ah ampere hours The mAh is the abbreviation for milliampere hour which is a measurement of energy stored in a battery

What does batter mean definition meaning and audio

• BATTER (noun) The noun BATTER has 2 senses 1 (baseball) a ballplayer who is batting 2 a flour mixture thin enough to pour or drop from a spoon Familiarity information BATTER used as a noun is rare • BATTER (verb) The verb BATTER has 3 senses 1 strike against forcefully 2

Batter definition of Batter by Medical dictionary

Take a bowl and add all purpose flour rice flour baking soda and add buttermilk and mix into Vada batter Add cumin seeds fresh coconut pieces finely chopped green chillies and mix the batter and rest aside for 1 hour

What's the Difference Between Batter and Resonant Drum Heads

It does what it's name suggests it resonates sounds created from the batter skin It's really difficult to differentiate between batter and resonant drum heads when they all look the same… If you buy a economic (aka cheap ) drum kit the resonant drum head would be the side without the logo

Batter What Does BatterMean in Construction

A batter is sometimes a term that references a structural component that is installed to batter a wall or another structural entity To reinforce this structure with batters is to assemble a stiffener or a support at a certain designed distance apart to supply additional structural support to a wall or other assembly

How Do Your Define Batter Is it Different Than Dough

If your batter recipe says 'stir in' any ingredient there's a good reason and you should follow the advice On the other hand a dough is designed to be thick and has nowhere near the amount of liquid found in the average batter

What does mAh (say 3 000 mAh) mean in a battery Quora

Originally Answered What does mAh in battery mean Milliamp Hour (mAh) An Milliamp Hour(mAh) is a unit for measuring electric power over time mAh is commonly used to describe the total amount of energy a battery can store at one time

What does 5 ah mean in a battery AnswersDrive

What does 4ah mean on a battery Amp Hour battery rating Amp hour rating of battery capacity is calculated by multiplying the current (in amperes) by discharge time (in hours) A typical 12V alarm system will need from 4AH 8AH depending on the number of powered devices like keypads and motion detectors

What does batter mean in cooking Answers

What does batter mean in cooking Wiki User 2014 03 12 15 38 00 A batter is a somewhat thin mixture of wet and dry ingredients Examples of batter are cornbread batter cake batter and batter

Batter my heart (Holy Sonnet 14) Summary Shmoop

Batter my heart (Holy Sonnet 14) Summary The speaker begins by asking God (along with Jesus and the Holy Ghost; together they are the Trinity that makes up the Christian "three personed God") to attack his heart as if it were the gates of a fortress town The speaker wants God to enter his heart aggressively and violently instead of gently

Batter definition of batter by The Free Dictionary

batter a liquid or semiliquid mixture as of flour eggs and milk used in cooking pate a choux pouf paste puff batter batter for making light hollow cases to hold various fillings pancake batter batter for making pancakes fritter batter batter for making fritters

What Does The Name Batter Mean The Meaning of Names

Fun Facts about the name Batter How Popular is the name Batter As a last name Batter was the 121 590 th most popular name in 2010 ; How unique is the name Batter Out of 6 028 151 records in the U S Social Security Administration public data the first name Batter was not present

Batter definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary

Batter definition If someone is battered they are regularly hit and badly hurt by a member of their Meaning pronunciation translations and examples

Urban Dictionary butters

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What is mAh Battery & what does mAh mean and stand for

mAh stands for MILLI AMPERE HOUR or MILLI AMP HOUR It is a means of a battery's power storage capacity As you believe of a battery being a little fuel storage container which is a thought it is mAh an estimate of how enough "fuel" the battery continues With a top battery the larger the mAh rating the longer electrical power it can save

Batter dictionary definition batter defined

The definition of batter means the liquid mixture of ingredients used in baking An example of batter is the combination of eggs flour sugar baking soda and chocolate chips used to make a cake A batter is defined as a baseball player who is taking his turn facing the pitcher