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What regions did the Silk Road connect

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The Silk Road was a vast trade network connecting Eurasia and North Africa via land and sea routes The Silk Road earned its name from Chinese silk a highly valued commodity that merchants transported along these trade networks

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The Silk Road connected China Japan Persia (also known as Iran) India Arabia (called Saudi Arabia today) and Europe The Silk Road began as an overland route to the West but as nautical prowess increased it became a route that covered land and sea

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The Silk Road was a trade route that connected Europe Asia and China It was the route by means of which goods form the west were exchanged for commodities form the East

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With modern technology a global exchange of goods and ideas can happen at the click of a button But what about 2 000 years ago Shannon Harris Castelo unfolds the history of the 5 000 mile Silk Road a network of multiple routes that used the common language of commerce to connect the world's major settlements thread by thread

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Apr 24 2019 · The Silk Road was originally opened up by Zhang Qian and it gradually formed in the Han Dynasty (206 BC 220 AD) In the Han Dynasty the ancient road originated from the historical capital of Chang'an (now Xi'an ) This China trade route ran through Gansu Province via Tianshui Lanzhou Wuwei Zhangye Jiuquan Jiayuguan (an important military

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A network of mostly land but also sea trading routes the Silk Road stretched from China to Korea and Japan in the east and connected China through Central Asia to India in the south and to Turkey and Italy in the west The Silk Road system has existed for over 2 000 years with specific routes changing over time

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Apr 22 2019 · During the Ming Dynasty (1368 1644) its followers could only be found in some parts of the Western Regions Mongolian Grassland and border areas Islam From the seventh century AD Arab muslims traveled to China by the Silk Road or the sea route to spread Islam

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The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes formally established during the Han Dynasty of China which linked the regions of the ancient world in commerce between 130 BCE 1453 CE As the

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The Silk Road primarily refers to the land routes connecting East Asia and Southeast Asia with South Asia Persia the Arabian Peninsula East Africa and Southern Europe The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative trade in silk carried out along its length beginning in the Han dynasty in China (207 BCE 220 CE)

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Nov 13 2016 · The silk road was a trade route stretching from Europe to China The two regions that were connected were Europe and Asia That was important because it connected the two regions and spread ideas from the west to the east

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Read and learn for free about the following article The First Silk Roads If you're seeing this message it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website If you're behind a web filter please make sure that the domains * kastatic org and * kasandbox org are unblocked

What regions did the silk road connect Answers

The Silk Road extended from Southern Europe through Arabia Egypt Persia India till it reached China It connected the Roman empire and the Chinese empires

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The purpose of the Silk Roads was to exchange things such as technologies styles cultures religions and disease patterns among different societies "Silk Roads consisted of a constantly shifting network of pathways for many different types of exchanges" (p 34) and was not

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Apr 12 2018 · The Great Silk Road was a caravan road connecting East Asia to the Mediterranean from Ancient times into the Middle Ages It was used for exporting silk from China hence its' name The term was introduced by the German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen in 1877 Ancient contacts between China and the Mediterranean Conquests by Alexander … Continue reading Silk Road Connection between

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Coming from France England Germany Russia and Japan these researchers traversed the Taklamakan desert in western China in what is now Xinjiang to explore ancient sites along the Silk Roads leading to many archaeological discoveries numerous academic studies and most of all a renewed interest in the history of these routes

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a renaissance artist who mainly did sculpting but he also painted the celing of the sistine chapel what 2 regions did the silk road connect europe and china

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The term Silk Road denotes a network of trails and trading posts oases and emporia connecting East Asia to the Mediterranean Along the way branch routes led to different destinations from the main route with one especially important branch leading to northwestern India and thus to other routes throughout the subcontinent

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The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes formally established during the Han Dynasty of China which linked the regions of the ancient world in commerce between 130 BCE 1453 CE

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Part of the Silk Road still exists in the form of a paved highway connecting Pakistan and the Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang China The old road has been the impetus behind a United Nations plan for a trans Asian highway and a railway counterpart of the road has been proposed by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)

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Silk Road trade commenced in a great fashion through the work mission of Zhang Qian (200 114 BC) Originally the people in the Han Empire (206 BC 220 AD) traded silk within the empire from the interior to the western borders but the internal trade was stymied by the attacks of small nomadic tribes on the trade caravans

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The Silk Road enriched the countries it passed through transporting cultures religions languages and of course material goods into societies across Europe Asia and Africa and uniting them all with a common thread of cultural heritage and plural identities

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The Silk Road connected the Mediterranean region to China and served as a major route for trade between the two areas since around 200 BCE As a


The Silk Road was a network of trade routes connecting China and the Far East with the Middle East and Europe

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The Silk Road or Silk Route is a series of trade and cultural transmission routes that were central to cultural interaction through regions of the Asian continent connecting the West and East by linking traders merchants pilgrims monks soldiers nomads and urban dwellers from China and India to the Mediterranean Sea during various periods of time

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What two regions did the silk road connect Get the answers you need now!

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The blending and dissemination of art is closely related to the larger context of the travel of people their beliefs ideas and technology This essay explores some of the art traditions many of them devotional in nature of the Silk Roads The travel of artistic motifs styles and techniques

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Through which body of water was Northern Europe connected to the Mediterranean Area and the Silk Road