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What should we call the decade after the noughties

2000 2009 are called the noughties so what will 2010 2019

Dec 29 2009 · "Twenty tens" or "the tens" Just like you'd call the decade after that "the twenties" "the thirties" etc If you want to distinguish it from the last millenium use "twenty tens" "twenty

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Jan 03 2010 · Like we used to call decades prior to the decade naming madness that started after the 1920s We're perfectly happy calling the 1790s the 1790s the 1640s the 1640s so let's call the next decade the 2010s

What do we call the decade of 2000 2010 Yahoo Answers

Jun 22 2010 · A decade is set of 10 years and has to be 10 and not 11 years 2000 10 will make it 11 years Secondly the decade is 2000 2009 and not 2000 2010 or 2001 2010 And it is not 95% over but 100% over

Since 1990 2000 is called the 90s what is 2000 2010 or 2010

Oct 18 2019 · To me the 2000s is like the Government early internet pop culture cinematic music War on terror funky town Los Angeles feel of this decade the 2010s is like the heavily evolved internet culture post modern protester of social Justice mass

Why even the Major years were better than the Noughties

Separate research shows that that the so called Noughties has been a devastating decade for investors The stock market has suffered its worst performance of any decade since the Great Depression

What should we call the decade after the noughties The

As the decade known as the noughties ends what nickname can we give the next 10 years Suggestions so far include the tens teens tenties and even the tenners Suggestions so far include the tens teens tenties and even the tenners

What should we call the decade after the noughties

As the decade known as the noughties ends what nickname can we give the next 10 years Suggestions so far include the tens teens tenties and even the tenners There are plenty of ideas but what will stick

If you have the 70s 80s and 90s what do you call 2000

The first ten years of the twentieth century have often been referred to as the Edwardian period Following the tradition of naming a decade after a UK head of state I suggest future generations

What do we call this decade Yahoo Answers

Jul 31 2006 · What is the decade we're living in called Like last decade was the 90s the decade before was the 80s When we reach 2010 what are we going to refer to this decade as I thought the 2Ks I tried to coin that once upon a time but it didn't catch on Any ideas

What was the 2000's called Answers

If the decade from 1980 to 1981 was called the 80's (the eighties) and the decade from 1990 to 1999 was called the 90's (the nineties) then the decade from the year 2000 to 2009 should be called

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Time magazine has called the 00s The Decade from Hell That seems a little unkind After all it hasn't been that bad for China India or TV personality Simon Cowell Perhaps we should just call the decade unnerving or unsettling or even unhinged 9/11 was THE signature event that set the tone

NOUGHTIES meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

noughties definition 1 the period of years between 00 and 10 in any century usually 2000 2010 2 the period of years… Learn more

Does the current decade (2010 2019) have a nickname Quora

Originally Answered What do/should we call the current decade Usually the "tens" as noted here SOMETIMES I have seen referred to as the "teens" even though they include 11 and 12 I agree with Steve Mason that the weird one is the "aughts" or the "naughts" (I've seen them both as well)

What Do You Call It The New Yorker

End of the Decade In retrospect it might be recognized as a troubling harbinger that ten years ago no consensus could be reached in this country on what to call the decade upon which we were

So were the Noughties nice The Spectator

Dec 30 2009 · The Noughties is not a name that has caught on in America (where zero is not commonly known as nought) but it seems to be the most acceptable name for the decade in Britain

What should we call the decade after the noughties Mirror

Jan 01 2010 · As the decade known as the noughties ends what nickname can we give the next 10 years Suggestions so far include the tens teens tenties and even the tenners

2000s (decade) Wikipedia

Orthographically the decade can be written as the "2000s" or the " '00s" Common suggestions for referring to this decade "2000s" "Two thousands" "Twenty ohs" "Twenty Hundreds" "00s" (pronounced "Ohs" "Oh Ohs" "Double Ohs" or "Ooze" "Zeros" "Double Zeros") 7 9 10 "the Noughties" "the Noughts" "the Aughts" "the Aughties" "the Oughties"

Why the Noughties were the last golden age of truly terrible

Dec 30 2019 · This decade has seen some bad shows But for utterly awful TV nothing beats the Noughties says Michael Hogan Truly terrible TV seems sadly to be a dying art We used to love programmes which

What Comes after the Noughties RatBlurt™

Regarding the 11 to 20 decade would be namers seem just as flummoxed According to The Mirror News suggestions include "tens teens tenties and even the tenners " Really dull The Daily Mail notes that "a naming competition in Australia quite rightly rejected The Tweens The Tennies The Twenteens The Tentions

Seventies eighties nineties and noughties but what next

Whatever we come up with will be erased by the blanket term of 'Early 21st century' which will no doubt be used from the 2030s onwards 11 years ago daniel_beck_90

My Noughties Looking back on the decade The Independent

Nov 28 2009 · My Noughties Looking back on the decade to the Noughties we find out what the changes of the last decade have really meant for the people of Britain own judgement to decide who to call

Goodbye noughties hello tens Twenty tens Teens

Dec 06 2009 · What are we going to call the next decade T his is a difficult age As we bid farewell to the noughties it is time to ponder the question of how to address the decade to come

After the 'Noughties' Gulf News readers seek hope filled

Alan Godfrey a Dubai based British expatriate suggested the decade be called the Teenies "These will be the in between teenage years after the Noughties and will lead into the twenty twenties

If from 2000 to 2009 is named the noughties what is 2010 to

Every hundred years the cycle repeats 0 9 is the noughties 10 19 is the teens 20 29 is the twenties and so on Right now it is still early for the decade to be referred to as the teens so referencing "the teens" without good context will still make people think of the 19teens

noughties Wiktionary

Apr 05 2020 · Our readers — and contributors — are apt to elect a good deal according to years The seventies and eighties we may suppose are concerned for the large educational and cultural interests of their Alma Mater; the nineties are deep in the practical and business activities; the noughties are not naughty but still young enough to sport a fantastic costume at reunion and let the college wag

What should we call the decade that started in the year 2000

Dec 18 2009 · Less than two weeks remain in the first decade of the new millennium and we still can't decide what to call it Some decade in review features go with " the aughts " Others have proposed

After 10 years of Noughtiness what's next

After the Nineties the ability to easily name a decade based on numerics became a little tricky although the "Noughties" derived from "nought" or zero was generally accepted by many people

BBC News Decade dilemma whatever to name it

Dec 31 2009 · So we have the "Naughty Nineties" that decade of sinful abandon That's the 1890s of course People may have commented on the good times and loose morals of the 1890s as they were progressing but